Relax in a cozy curved house with a view of the mountains in Italy

The roof of the house was landscaped, and because of that, the housing became a harmonious continuation of the hill. In Italy, there is an opportunity to live in a cozy curved house and relax from the city in the middle of nature. The housing project was created by architect Martin Gruber.

The house is located in a picturesque area on a hill. To preserve the landscape, the author decided to make housing a full-fledged part of the landscape.

The house was installed on a concrete base. The roof was landscaped – so the housing became a harmonious continuation of the hill. Thanks to the panoramic glazing from the inside, excellent views open. At night, the windows can be closed.

The area of housing is 65 square meters. Inside there is a full kitchen, a mini dining room, a living room, and a bathroom. There is also an exit to the veranda with places of rest and excellent views of the mountains.

The house has a double bed, closed with curtains for the privacy of guests, and an additional folding bed. Therefore, up to four people can be accommodated inside.

Inside, the concrete floor and ceiling were not covered with decoration. Instead, they created a contrast with wooden furniture that minimizes the cold shade of concrete.

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