Reading nook: 4 ways to make it perfect

The trend towards paper rather than electronic books will only grow in the coming years. This can be seen on social networks and in short videos, where cozy corners surrounded by books are increasingly appearing. Slow reading, which has almost gone out of practice, is back – and a calm, welcoming environment will help you relax while studying a good book. However, for this, you need to give your book corner a little attention and care. Depending on your interests and comfort level, this might be your favorite place to stay home.

Have a comfortable chair Depending on the amount of space allotted to the reading area, consider several seating options: hammock chairs, armchairs, and cocoon chairs. Searching your local thrift store or yard sale might be the best way to find an affordable book nook option, or add a stylish case to reimagine the original model.

Blanket or plaid No matter what kind of blanket – light or weighted – you get, you can fall asleep while reading if the space is too cozy. Therefore, do not forget to add an accent pillow to the kit.

Floor lamp If you tend to read at night, you’ll need a large, reliable lamp nearby. Look for a floor lamp that will complement the height of your chair while still providing adequate lighting. With quality lighting, you can easily read at night from the comfort of your corner.

Side table Whether you have a small stool, a bar cart, or a side table, it’s handy to keep a stack of books close by when you finish your current reading. Not only is a table useful for storing books, you can put a cup of tea, a small plant, or a framed photo to add personality to the corner.

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