Raffaele Salvoldi: fantastic towers from kapla

Photographer and filmmaker Raffaele Salvoldi experiment with simple wooden blocks, transforming them into dizzying temporary structures. It uses the KAPLA game known since the 1960s – small modules make it easier to build long or horizontal elements such as lintels and roofs. These are lighter building elements compared to standard ones.

First, Salvoldi creates fantastic architectural designs. “The only limit is your imagination and, of course, gravity,” he says. An installation can take anywhere from three weeks to four months to complete, and the artist likes to let viewers watch the process rather than displaying the finished work.

“I believe that this is not just a performance, but a kind of window into the artistic process. I like to define the place as a workshop that people can visit and watch the installation grow day by day, week by week.” After the exhibition is over, visitors are encouraged to dismantle the installation by throwing sticks at it until it crumbles.

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