Provence is a discreet, light-filled, homely atmosphere, with peace, and tranquility. We tell you how to decorate the living room in this style by yourself.

French design is suitable not only for a country house but also for an ordinary apartment. With a small room, there is a risk of cluttering it with decor, but this can be avoided by using only some elements.


To create the right atmosphere, sometimes a few details are enough. One, two, or three items from the list below will transform the living room and create the necessary associations. 

- Pastel colors in decoration. White (most often basic), lilac, muted light yellow, blue, light shades of brown, turquoise, mint, soft orange, pale green, milky, beige gray.

- Carved, forged furniture of elegant shape without massive decorating elements. The surface is often aged, and slightly worn. Upholstery – in a small flower, stripes.

- Large windows to let in as much light as possible. The frames are white wood.

The abundance of fabrics in the interior: pillows, blankets, carpets, curtains, and woven runners, tablecloths. Ideally, all this is made from natural materials. 

A lot of decorations: various figurines, candlesticks, plants, and drawings.

The use of vines, bricks, stone, and wood in decoration.

Interior decoration of the living room in Provence style: photos of rooms

Before filling the space with details, you must create a suitable background for them.

Furnishings and decor

When the background for the interior is created, it remains only to breathe life into it by adding the necessary items and decorations.


Like everything in such an apartment, it should be light, bright, and with a touch of antiquity. Curtains – airy and translucent, so as not to interfere with daylight entering the room. The fabric can be plain, checkered, or flowered. The main thing is that it is in harmony with the upholstery and the room as a whole. Crocheted pillows and blankets are on armchairs and sofas. Tablecloths in saturated or pastel colors with floral ornaments are on the tables.