Pinterest’s Head of Home shares the top five garden trends of 2023

Pinterest's top garden trends

Zoning out

One of the biggest garden trends we've been seeing is people looking to create outdoor spaces that can be used for a variety of activities. And the easiest way to do it is to divide it into different zones!

Nature within nature

Why ruin the outdoors with synthetic and man-made materials? Pinterest search data shows people are increasingly searching and saving natural garden ideas, incorporating elements such as stone, wood and natural water features into their outdoor areas.

Modern living in the wild

While a nice escape at times, it’s okay to integrate tech into your outdoor space. Whether that’s outdoor speakers, a wi-fi extension or even a projector, they’ll allow you to enjoy modern living in the wild.

Smart design

Interior rules very much apply to the exterior, too - there’s no need to treat it as a completely different beast. Use light colours, such as white or pastels to make your space feel larger, with pops of colours through your accessories or planters to add visual interest without overwhelming the space.

Better together

While Pinners have also been looking to the front of our homes as an alternative to back gardens, it’s also time to celebrate the communal outdoor space. Since the start of 2023, we’ve seen searches for ideas related to community gardens and allotments increase hugely on Pinterest.

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