Pine cone decorations – 10 charming rustic looks

1. Add Pine Cones To Your Christmas Wreath

'Pinecones look beautifully effective when added to your tree amongst decorations or attached to a wreath for your door, they add a sense of natural charm,' says florist Philippa Craddock.

2. Decorate The Stairs With A Pine Cone Garland

'Using branches with pinecones attached, or adding individual pinecones to branches, is a superb way to add additional shapes and textures to seasonal designs,' adds florist Philippa Craddock. Alternatively, you could team the two for a wonderfully sculptural and whimsical design as pictured above in a Christmas stair decor idea.

3. Add Pine Cones To Chair Decorations

Embellishing the backs of chairs with a bunch of fresh fir branches is a lovely Christmas dining room decor idea that will make festive feasting extra special and bring a beautiful fresh fragrance into the room. For an extra flourish tie a pine cone decoration to the top along with a wired ribbon bow and a name tag to help guests find their places.

4. Bring Natural Charm To Place Settings

'We love making our table decorations and tablescapes as natural as possible and using pine cones and beautiful fall-colored leaves is a great way to make it a bit more special, whether it's for fall table decor ideas or Christmas table decor ideas,' says Sarah Kostoris

5. Style A Festive Display On A Sideboard

Placing pine cones and decorative Christmas ornaments under glass domes is an easy yet effective sideboard decor idea for a dining room, or you could try it as an entry table decor idea. For best results choose a mix of dome sizes and styles and set lights behind them so that they twinkle after dark.

6. Add Pine Cones To Your Mantelpiece Decor

To bring rustic charm to your mantel decor ideas try a garland peppered with pine cone decorations, dried oranges and hessian ribbons. If you're planning on making your own garland try to create an organic look advises Philippa Craddock.

7. Add Pine Cones To Potpourri

For an easy traditional Christmas decor idea that will also bring a subtle warming winter fragrance try filling bowls with pine cones, dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks. If you love decorating with vintage it's a wonderful way to showcase your favorite dishes and bowls – footed bowls or urns work particularly well.

8. Decorate Candle Plates

There's nothing like the warming glow and beautiful winter fragrance of seasonal candles to make the home feel cozy and welcoming during the long dark winter nights. Arranging scented pillar candles of different sizes on trays or wooden platters is a lovely way to display them and adding in pine cone decorations with sprigs of foliage is an easy styling tip as done here by The White Company. Use them to brighten up side tables or as a Christmas table centerpiece idea.

9. Fill Vases With Pine Cone Decorations

Filling vases with pinecones is an easy way to bring height to a seasonal display and can work beautifully for fall mantel decor ideas or for Christmas. For a rustic look try handblown apothecary vases.

10. Use Pine Cone Decorations On Gifts

Make your thoughtful gifts for friends and family extra special by adding a hand-crafted flourish to your gift wrapping ideas. For a quick yet effective embellishment collect leaves and small birch pine cones from a winter walk and spray them with gold paint in a well-ventilated area. Then, once dry, either bind or tie them to the top of your gift for that personal touch.

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