Pine cone Christmas craft ideas – 21 seasonal makes

1. Spruce Up Lanterns With Pine Cones For A Pretty Outdoor Display

The view out of the window can be bleak at this time of year, so why not brighten up your outdoor spaces with pretty decorated lanterns? They make a lovely Christmas porch decor idea to welcome guests or would be perfect for Christmas patio ideas.

2. Use Pine Cones To Elevate A Wreath

Adding pine cones to your Christmas wreath ideas is easy to do and perfect if you love rustic, farmhouse Christmas decor. 'Simply attach to branches using garden twine or reusable wire, wrapped around the base of the pinecone, and secured carefully to branches,' says floral designer Philippa Craddock.

3. Use Pine Cones In A Winter Table Centerpiece

Anyone who's played host at Christmas knows what a stressful time it can be, leaving limited time for crafting. Simple and straightforward to make, this pine cone Christmas table centerpiece will wow dinner guests with little effort.

4. Create A Pine Cone Place Setting

Help guests find their seats at the dinner table and give your Christmas table decor a beautiful flourish with a pine cone place setting. Simply wrap the pine cone in a festive ribbon like a gift and attach a name tag at the top. If you tie in a way to create an additional loop at the top the pine cone can then double as a Christmas table gift that guests can take away and hang on their tree.

5. Decorate Pine Cones With Glitter

Decorating pine cones with glitter is a fabulous way to bring sparkle to your festive displays, plus it's a fun activity to do with children. Simply brush PVA glue onto the edges of dried pine cones, roll in glitter and leave to dry. Be sure to do this on a laminated tablecloth or sheet of old newspaper so that the glitter is contained in one place and easy to clear up – anyone who has crafted with glitter before knows that it can get everywhere.

6. Spray Pine Cones For Use In Christmas Styling

Displaying pine cones in tall glass votives is a wonderful Christmas styling idea for bringing height to displays on sideboards or for use on mantelpiece decor ideas, and by spraying them you can easily tie them in with the rest of your Christmas decor ideas.

7. Fill A Dome With Pine Cones

This Christmas mantel idea is such a simple way to bring pine cone decorations into your living room, yet displaying them beneath a glass dome adds an extra element of specialness and glamor.

8. Suspend Pine Branches

While leafy pine fronds studded with cones bring rich color and texture to festive trimmings, don't overlook the charms of bare branches with the pine cones clinging to their delicate form. They will bring a more contemporary touch to a natural pine cone decoration.

9. Make A Frosted Tablescape

'Repurpose a domed cake stand and fill it with pine cones that you've painted or sprayed with white paint to create a magical centerpiece for your Christmas table ideas,' suggests Andréa Childs

10. Craft A Pine Cone 'Kissing Ball'

Originating from the tradition of hanging foliage – not just mistletoe – above the door to welcome guests, this is a pretty reinvention for your Christmas pine cone craft ideas.

11. Make A Pine Cone And Poinsettia Candelabra

This eye-catching display is beautiful but easy to make yourself. And the pairing of rustic pine cone decorations with elegant white poinsettia is beautiful. It's also an interesting way to rethink your design when you're making a poinsettia wreath.

12. Style A Magnificent Entrance

Looking for festive front porch ideas? Wrap pine cone-studded garlands, made from real or faux branches, around your porch pillars and take your Christmas door decorating to next-level fabulous.

13. Mix Up A Pine Cone Pot Pourri

Your Christmas pine cone craft ideas don't have to involve hot glue, wire, and twine! This fragrant potpourri is an easy mix of festive favorites, with a shelf life that lasts well into winter.

14. Trim Your Tree With Pine Cones

Bring a rustic touch to your Christmas tree ideas by mixing in homemade natural pine cone decorations with your bought baubles. Dried orange and apple slices, miniature bundles of cinnamon sticks – and pine cones – will all add scent and color.

15. Decorate Your Pine Cones

This simplest of Christmas pine cone craft ideas is one that children will love to try. Using a hot glue gun, place a dot of glue between the open scales of the pine cone. Push in a small felt ball and hold it in place into secured.

16. Wrap Your Baluster With Pine Fronds

Make a Christmas garland for a staircase by wrapping fresh or faux foliage around your baluster, then decorating it with pine cones, baubles, ribbons and lights.

17. Make A Snowy White Wreath

It's surprisingly straightforward to make a pine cone wreath but the effect can be stunning – especially if you spray paint your pine cones white. 'Pine cones take spray color well,' confirms floral arranger, Judith Blacklock.

18. Add A Pine Cone Touch To Presents

This cute pine cone trim gives present wrapping an extra dimension – and the recipient could tie them to their Christmas tree once they've opened their gift.

19. Set Out A Christmas Candle Tray

A scattering of pine cone decorations adds texture and depth to this easy display idea, created by Judith Blacklock. 'Place a few miniature terracotta pots upside down on a tray, and put a blob of florist's fix on the upturned bases. Place another pot the right way round on the top of each one,' explains Judith.

20. Make A Pine Cone Vase

Choose tall, thin pine cones for this Christmas pine cone craft idea. You'll also need a glass jar or vase, and colorful string. Start by using a hot glue gun to secure the cones close to one another directly onto the glass. Wrap the string around the cones twice and tie it into a bow. Place the poinsettia and candle in the containers.

21. Style An Orchid And Pine Cone Centerpiece

You can make a more minimal version of this display, created by Judith Blacklock, using a single orchid plant placed in a smaller container. Water the Phalaenopsis orchids, let them drain, then place them in your container. Use moss to fill in any gaps. Spray twigs with eco-friendly gold paint and insert the twigs through the moss, between the orchids.

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