Nursery ideas – 20 beautiful rooms new parents will love

1. The Best – And Worst – Nursery Colors To Pick

The most popular nursery color is yellow, with over 50% of us choosing that shade – perhaps due to the fact that it works equally well in girls' and boys' nursery ideas. 'Yellow is the wonderful color of neutrality,' says Lee Chambers. 'A happy aura comes from a room the color of the sun, and it can increase focus and motivation.

2. Bring Nature In With Chinoiseries

'A nursery is the perfect opportunity to create a space full of wonder and joy, and there are no two better words to describe Tempaper's Canopy print. Walking into this room is like entering a whole other world, one that's stimulating and soothing all at once. The perfect room for parents to welcome a little one – and spend many happy hours in themselves,' says Anne Sage.

3. The Best Nursery Colors Work For An Easy Transition From Baby To Child

'In terms of color choices for your nursery ideas, neutral shades are very popular as these will make the transition from baby to toddler seamless. They also work brilliantly with other rooms in your home,' says Cydney Ball, assistant buyer of nursery at John Lewis.

4. Nursery Window Ideas – Which To Choose?

When it comes to selecting bedroom curtain ideas for a nursery, Cydney Ball advises: 'It is important to pick these based on the size of the window and what direction your nursery is facing.

5. The Best Flooring For Nurseries

'It's very much a personal decision whether you want to carpet the room or opt for something that is more practical to clean,' says Cydney Ball. 'If you do go for hard flooring then soft rugs will make a room more inviting and will also be essential for playtime on the floor.'

6. Picking Lighting For Nursery Rooms

'Soft lighting tends to be preferred for this space, and there are some lovely fairy light options to add a little night time magic to a nursery.

7. Make Room For You To Relax, Too

Your baby’s nursery is not just a space for them to sleep, it is also a place for parents to relax and unwind. When picking out nursery furniture, incorporate a comfortable chair or seating area for you to rest when feeding or soothing your baby.

8. Make Room To Grow

Justin Segal of Storkcraft has some advice for finding nursery ideas that will stand the test of time: 'Embrace the process – browse Pinterest, scroll through Instagram, and gather inspiration from all of your favorite interior designers and home décor resources.

9. Add Texture

Textures and tones are a great way to freshen up any nursery. In general, it is best to stick to three statement materials in any one room – for example, a beaded wall hanging would work well alongside a woollen rug and a wicker basket.

10. Incorporate Storage For All Those Nursery Must-Haves

'Investing in nursery furniture with added storage – such as a crib with a built-in drawer – can make life so much easier for parents,' advises Justin Segal of Storkcraft.

'Keeping things tidy and organized allows parents to focus on what matters most in the nursery – your baby – and minimize any unnecessary stress caused by clutter and misplacing essential items.'

11. Make A Mural The Centerpiece Of Your Scheme

'Don’t be afraid to go bold with the bedroom wall decor in your nursery. An eye-catching wall is the perfect way to add life, and is your opportunity to play with unique textures and wallpaper ideas to really let your personality shine through,' says Justin Segal of Storkcroft.

12. Use Natural And Artificial Light Well In A Nursery

No matter the space, incorporating both artificial and natural light will add vibrance to any room. When designing your nursery, utilize natural light where possible, as this will make it instantly more inviting, but make sure you have adequate curtains or blinds in place for when your baby is napping mid-day.

13. Think: Safety First In A Nursery

'No matter your design goals, safety must always remain the number one priority when setting up the nursery,' advises Justin Segal. 'Before embarking on your nursery design journey, be sure to carefully research all things related to baby-proofing the nursery.

14. Use A Dark Color For A Cocooning Aesthetic

Deep colors can have a soothing effect so they're worth considering when you're choosing a scheme. Eggplant is a more versatile shade than you may think – it's great with greys, turquoise blues and white. Add in some warmth from wooden floorboards and rattan and you'll have a great mix that's cozy and calming.

15. Use Color In Various Forms

We love to add accent colors through furniture and other décor in the room to keep it interesting, and this makes it easier to switch up as your child grows older. The beige on the walls is still warm and cozy in the space. 'The freestanding furniture can be moved for heightened functionality in the room, but we made sure they have very sturdy bases to avoid any tipping,' says Jessica Davis, owner & principal designer of JL Design.

16. Hang A Wallpaper That Tells A Story

Decorating bedrooms for kids doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style, in fact, it is the perfect excuse to choose children's bedroom wallpaper designs that are playful and tell a story.

17. Install Bespoke Storage To Suit Your Individual Needs

Investing in custom storage is just that, an investment, however, it can absolutely be worth it if you plan ahead. For example, floor to ceiling wardrobes will always be needed and as your baby grows, so will their clothes.

18. Have A Fun Themed Nursery

A nursery room is the perfect place to experiment with colors, patterns and scale in interior design. Think in themes, too. Our favorite themes are ones that incorporate as many fun elements as possible, while still looking tailored.

19. Pick A Calming Color Scheme

There's a lot of value in having a neutral nursery scheme, and if you already love the pared-back look then it's only natural you'll extend that into this space.

20. Invest In Freestanding Storage

Newborns grow so quickly and before you know it, they need their own wardrobe. A freestanding design will be a flexible choice as they fit into small spaces and you can take them with you if you move. Make it unique by papering the interior back panel so there's a splash of pattern and color when you open the door. Peg rails and wall mounted shelves are fabulous ideas – you can never have too much nursery storage even if you're tiny!'

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