The decoration used materials with expressive textures: brick-like tiles and aged wood. They attract attention, distracting the “spectators” from the unsuccessful configuration of the room. The boards on the ceiling are laid across the long side of the kitchen, and the parquet planks are laid diagonally, which also changes the proportions in favor of the width.

Wiring is hidden under the ceiling trim, overhead lights are installed on the ceiling – spots with curtains. To change the direction and intensity of the backlight, you just need to reach out to them with your hand.

You can safely touch the LEDs – the bulbs do not heat up. The designer did not set the task to fit into a certain style. The desire for comfort, harmony, and individuality helped to combine the details that are characteristic of both the Scandinavian style and the loft with elements of industrial development.

Warm glazed loggia provided by the project. It was originally attached to the kitchen, and thanks to this, the room turned out to be lighter and more spacious.

1. Refrigerator 2. Sink 3. Hob 4. Worktop 5. Dining space

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