Must see: Pleasant and clutter-free Interiors

We like complex interiors with a lot of details, but although it is not the first time that trend forecasters promise us interior maximalism, most prefer to live without clutter. “We don’t need dust collectors,” customers tell their designers. Which does not simplify the task of designers. To do it concisely, but not boring – you need to be able to do it. Let’s look at the work of designers who coped with a difficult task.

Simple Interiors project The pattern of natural materials is also unpredictable, it does not repeat itself and you can immerse yourself in it as in meditation. This is radically different from any patterns and ornaments. Man-made décor is revealing, natural motifs are relaxing. It is logical that in modern interiors so often large wooden surfaces appear.

Country house project It’s not for nothing that we talk about art and carpets all the time – for a laconic monochrome interior, they are literally like living water. The proof is in front of you. Ksenia Mezentseva made a neat, verified interior designed in the same style. But what do we pay attention to in the first place? Of course the blue canvas on the wall. And the second? On a carpet with a 3-D effect. Without them, the interior would be too predictable, and predictability is boring. We need the effect of surprise, which is exactly what these things create.

Two-level apartment, INT2architecture project INT2architecture shows us the power of contrasts. They made a very concise modern interior with a lot of built-in designs, geometric shapes, and smooth surfaces. A figured table made of antique teak is so “out of this world” that it seems to be the main character of the project. A comparison with an art object suggests itself, especially since the environment here is appropriate – there is a lot of art on the walls.

Cave apartment, project VIA Interior Buro The golden rule of the modern interior: any allusions are good but in moderation. Literalism will not pass. The authors of this project, VIA Interior Buro, decided to decorate a 70 m2 apartment in the style of a prehistoric cave. Translated into the design language, this means the use of warm mineral colors – such shades began to dominate the palettes of paint manufacturers a couple of years ago, but in real interiors, they are still quite rare.

Project by AMMG studio Another interesting duo and this time in pairs are materials – marble, and silk. Handmade carpet is woven in these tones. Silk plays in the light, creating a three-dimensional effect, and the blurred abstract pattern resembles the veins of a stone. The authors of the project say that they picked up the stone for the upholstery of the Saba sofa so that all the elements of the interior are tied together.

Project by Elena Frantova The office is the most expressive room in this apartment. An open rack throughout the whole wall is always spectacular. Provided, of course, that the hosts have resigned themselves to the fact that his shelves should not be hammered to the brim. The combination of painted and wooden surfaces emphasizes the rhythm of the cells.

Family apartment, project by P+Z Designers from P+Z say that the work on this apartment was under the motto Less is more, “Less is more” Here is a restrained, but expressive color palette – a rich terracotta was added to natural shades. There is an interesting roll call of elements: the composition of tables geometrically the carpet, and the poster on the wall is the same motif of the semicircle, which is repeated several times in different scales.

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