Modern style in interior design: 65 photos

The design of an apartment or house in a modern style can be different in color and mood, layout and furniture, but the common denominator of such interiors is the same - maximum practicality. At the same time, many may call minimalism easier to clean, Scandinavian style more affordable to implement, and neoclassicism will be praised for the fact that with the same budget it looks much more expensive. But the practicality of a modern interior, or rather the ratio of price and quality of finishes, furniture and decor, cannot be overestimated.

Interior in a modern style may be simple in appearance, but in fact, everything here is aimed at the quality of each specific solution. The interior cannot be considered modern if it does not use fashionable and the latest finishing materials, the latest design of household appliances and functional innovations, stylish design solutions, as well as the most convenient layout options for each room.

An interior of this type usually has a modern technological filling, but it does not define it. In such an interior, even the floor material may surprise you - for example, porcelain stoneware that heats up more evenly from a warm floor can completely replace the entire heating system in the house, while an inexpensive laminate is simply not suitable for this option. The washing machine will include a drying function, the kitchen set will have the maximum number of built-in appliances, sliding doors and convenient organizers inside, in the bedroom you will find a comfortable and concise dressing room, and in the nursery there will be a lot of space for toys.

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