Modern kitchen design with photos: 2024-2025

Stylish kitchens in 2024 – what are they? Consider the main directions and their characteristic features.


This style is distinguished by originality, naturalness and is very popular with those who love experiments. The typical techniques used by designers to implement it include: – no hidden ceiling beams; – rough wall decoration or exposed brickwork; – open wires, pipes and other communications; – the predominance of materials such as metal, wood, glass, stone; – furniture with an unusual design; – original decorative details; – modern appliances; – the predominance of brown, black, white shades in the design palette.


The modern interpretation of the classics is very popular today, because such kitchens look truly luxurious and innovative. To bring all this splendor to life, adhere to the following rules: – think over the lighting system well – there should be as much light as possible; – use warm shades in the palette; – place a large glass or crystal chandelier in the center of the ceiling; – use a lot of textiles made of silk, cotton or linen – curtains, tulle, napkins, tablecloths; – order furniture, the design of which involves the presence of many curves and rounded outlines; – choose gold or silver for decoration; – install, if possible, built-in appliances, leave a minimum in sight; – do not save – the classic “does not like” this.

Scandinavian style

Scandi has not lost its popularity for several seasons now, and 2024 will be no exception. This is a great solution for owners of small kitchen spaces, as everything here is concise, functional, and the predominance of light shades helps to visually expand the space.

The main characteristics of the style include: – practicality and simplicity in everything; – the predominance of white and other light shades; – installation of the minimum amount of furniture;


For fans of French chic, Provence is the dream kitchen of 2024! Their distinguishing features: – the space design palette consists of soft pastel colors; – the predominance of vintage, floral motifs; – basic finishing materials – brick, wood and ceramics; – textiles, mosaics, lamps – characteristic decorative details; – built-in appliances or models in retro design.

High tech

The kitchen of 2024, which is designed in a high-tech style, is also found among the references of modern designers quite often.

To create the necessary atmosphere will help: – innovative household appliances – stove, refrigerator, microwave oven, food processor, etc. It is important that all household appliances are in harmony with each other, combined in color and material; – shiny surfaces; – solidity of structures; – the predominance of glass, metal, plastic; – lack of wooden elements and decor; – straight lines; – well-thought-out lighting system – high-tech kitchens should have a lot of light – both natural and artificial.


Modern kitchens 2024, designed in modern style, are distinguished by maximum functionality, conciseness and practicality. What is characteristic of them? – severity of lines; – use of contrasting colors in the design palette; – furniture made of wood, equipped with glass and metal parts; – built-in headset equipment; – lamps built into the ceiling or furniture; – both glossy and matte surfaces are acceptable.


Kitchen interior design 2024 in vintage style is suitable for those who love antiques. This style makes the interior as elegant, warm and cozy as possible.

Such a kitchen contributes to a peaceful pastime. It’s nice to be nostalgic here.


The kitchen trends 2024-2025 also include country style. This is the epitome of ingenuous charm! To embody a rustic style that meets all the trends and requirements of 2024, you should take into account such points as: – well-thought-out arrangement of the work surface, appliances and kitchen island; – furniture made of recycled wood, the texture of which suggests the visibility of all imperfections, which gives the space a special charm. In preference – dark shades; – a combination of elements made of wood with bright decorative details; – the presence of a kitchen island or an accent wall – details that will give the design a unique look; – the use of such materials, artificial stone, ceramics.

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