Minimalistic interior: 5 tips

Minimalist interiors are in demand again. This popular request is a response to the accelerated rhythm of modern life: we are looking for clean, airy- and light-filled spaces in which interior décor is minimized, in which we can relax and take a break from visual noise. Such interiors seem larger, and freer – they are not cluttered with furniture and accessories. But when it comes to creating a soft minimal space in your own home, we don’t know where to start. A common fear is to make the apartment too faceless and cold. We offer five simple ideas with which it is easy to start the path to a minimalist interior – spectacular and comfortable for life.

1. Study the psychology of the issue There is an opinion that living in chaos is smarter and more creative, but scientific studies show that sloppy and cluttered spaces with excessive interior decor can ultimately increase stress levels. Today, because of work, people cannot devote too much time to cleaning their apartments, so a win-win option is to initially bet on minimalism in the interior. Such a space is easier to maintain in order, it does not require as much effort as extravagant and is filled with a large number of things. But at the same time, it looks stylish and sophisticated in itself. Minimalistic and monochrome interior decor in fashion is like the trend of “makeup without makeup” in the field of beauty, only for the home. And it’s not as simple as it looks, either.

2. Start decluttering Cluttering of space sometimes begins imperceptibly and not on purpose – when we gradually free the bag or purse from unnecessary things, whether it is receipts, papers, or car keys, and leave them on any available surfaces – for example, on the desktop or on the pedestal in the hallway. The first step to a decluttered and minimalist home is to remove everything unnecessary from visible surfaces and store things in drawers or other storage areas.

3. Add expressive details The monochrome design gives the house a very collected and concise look, but sometimes it does not hurt to add a few spectacular pieces of furniture or expressive interior decor. For example, a colored contrasting carpet, an armchair, or a lamp will emphasize the delicate palette of the interior and the calm decor of the walls, visually enlivening the design of the room. So that a minimalist house does not seem faceless and boring, the use of different textures of the same colors and shades will help – even if they are different options for gray. It’s important to make sure that there aren’t too many items with different textures in the interior, as they can create a feeling of even more chaos and simplicity.

4. Bet on the color scheme Another way to give the house a minimalistic look is to go monochrome. Delicate shades and muted base colors play a vital role in the space. Let it not be catchy and bright colors, their beauty is in conciseness and nobility. To some, this decision may seem boring and unoriginal, but monochrome is what you need when you want to get a calm and attractive room decor.

5. Invest in luxury storage Visual appeal is of great importance to people and this also applies to storage systems. Often you just do not want to put things in an ugly closet – and this factor can not be discounted. Storage systems should not only be convenient and practical, contain everything you need and be easily accessible, but also look aesthetically pleasing from the point of view of the owner. One of the easiest ways to harmoniously fit a wardrobe or chest of drawers into the interior is to coordinate it with the color scheme of the room.

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