Minimalist house interior, no matter how paradoxical it may sound, is not the simplest style. There are many misconceptions associated with it. For example, it is easy and cheap to furnish a house in a minimalist way. We visited a real fan of minimalism in the interior and found out what first steps were when choosing an interior, what “pitfalls” were encountered, and what advice could give to those who are planning to furnish a house in the same style. Our hero shared his experience and advice, told us what the pros and cons of a minimalist interior are.

It turned out that equipping a house in a minimalist style is only half the battle, the most difficult thing here is to maintain the style.

Where to begin?

Step 1: See enough Minimalism is a lifestyle but by no means a set of rules. For every minimalist, he is his own, as well as with the style of clothing, observation, and knowledge of what suits you and what does not are important here.

Step 2: Choose a palette and add accents. “First of all, it is very important to decide on the palette. My walls are white since white is the basis for my furniture and decor. I advise you to choose one main color along with two or three colors that match well. I have shades of gray and wood. “

Step 3: Functional furniture. Do not be afraid of emptiness in space. Choose simple and only necessary furniture, and transfer attention to decor items. “I have a sofa bed from Ikea, which I don’t really like, I just needed it. On the other hand, it is very functional, it looks neat when assembled and does not take up much space.”

Step 4: Be ready to change the interior The advantage of minimalism is that there is no clutter. Thanks to this, I can rearrange, change furniture and decor with ease. Perhaps for this reason I often have to change something.

Step 5: Find new uses for old things Not everything that stands at Rick’s home is new. Minimalism is also about the effective use of everyday things, books, works of art.

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