Maximalism in the interior: Trends 2023/2024

Maximalist furniture Creativity is more valuable than ever. This is true both at home and in the professional sphere. Now furniture designers are half artists. Many offer eclectic designs and unusual ideas that are far from standard products. Maximalism allows you to give free rein to the flight of fantasy: form follows feeling, not function. Can an organic shaped sofa with velvet upholstery and a leopard-shaped coffee table be combined? Quite!

Walls and floors Floors and walls are the basis for complex color schemes, decorations, and arrangements. The return of the carpet can be seen in both modern floral motifs and richly decorated Persian kilims, where the classic red color makes the room visually warmer. As for the walls, the richness of extraordinary wallpapers is beyond imagination.

Organized chaos Maximalism gives freedom to “creative disorder” – it remains only to give it an attractive look. There are several basic principles for implementing this trend in the interior, so that the right effect occurs, and not confusion. The tips are as follows.

Countertrend In recent years, interiors have reflected a craze for Scandinavian understatement and sometimes a passion for cleaning inspired by Marie Kondo and the specials. For many, cutting things down to the essentials has been an important exercise in judgment and mindfulness.

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