Matte Black: The Hottest Home Design Trend For 2023

Home design color trends come and go, but black will always stand the test of time, according to designers and brands at the 2023 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. Bold, sleek and eye-catching, home designs and decor that feature black are equal parts neutral and daring. For 2023, black is back, but with an intriguing new spin–matte.

Why Matte Black?

“Matte Black is a versatile finish that works well with almost any design style, whether your space is modern and edgy or warm and Boho! It pairs well with various wood tones, warm and cool color palettes, and even mixed metals,” Day told Forbes Home. “It’s also extremely practical as it hides smudges and watermarks well, making it a great finish for high-traffic areas.”

How to Incorporate the Matte Black Trend Into Your Home

Beyond its stunning appearance, there are many other reasons why matte black may be exactly what your home is in need of. According to Heather Shannon, Director of Brand Marketing and Perlick, matte black is the perfect combination of fashion and function.

If you’re ready to try out the matte black trend in your own home, but aren’t sure where to start, let these ideas inspire you.



Ease into the matte black trend by sprinkling small bits of it throughout your home. Think matte black trash cans, tissue box covers, flatware, side table, mirrors, etc. This will allow you to test out the trend without too much commitment.


For slightly more investment into the trend, try out some matte black fixtures. Swapping out the fixtures in your bathroom (faucets, lights, bath and shower hardware, etc.) is a great option. Especially if your bathroom design is already mostly light in color, matte black fixtures can pack a punch while looking sleek and clean.


If you’re looking to bring the matte black the trend into your home as an attention grabbing focal point, consider upgrading your tile, cabinets or countertops.


If you absolutely love the matte black trend and can’t imagine that love dwindling anytime soon, matte black appliances could be an investment worth making.

Bottom Line

When it comes to why we love matte black, and why it is trending, Danielle DeBoe Harper, senior creative style manager at Moen, says it best: “In many ways, I think of this finish as a true style chameleon. It seems to adhere to and elevate whatever environment you put it into. It feels at home in a modern, transitional or traditional space.” Harper said the farmhouse trend is another example of versatility and the ability to enliven otherwise white and bland environments.

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