WGSN and Coloro announce the Key Colours for A/W 24/25

Colour of the Year 2024: Apricot Crush

WGSN first forecast Apricot Crush as a key colour for A/W 23/24, aligning with a focus on balanced lifestyles that nourish the body and mind.

Intense Rust

First forecast for A/W 23/24, Intense Rust returns to the palette for A/W 24/25 as a key colour. The warm and rich shade of Intense Rust is a transseasonal brown that evokes feelings of stability.

Midnight Plum

Midnight Plum is a powerful dark purple that connects to themes of space exploration and the metaverse. NASA’s James Webb Telescope images opened up the possibility to unravel mysteries about the origins of the universe, allowing colours in space to capture our imaginations.

Sustained Grey

Sustained Grey confirms the continuing importance of neutrals and more sustainable colour choices, which celebrates recyclability and the pursuit of ‘just enough’. Representing practicality and reliability, this colour is foundational and grounding with a utilitarian edge.

Cool Matcha

Cool Matcha is a tinted pastel with a soothing and calm quality. Connecting both nature and technology, it highlights the importance of developments in nature-powered bio and plant-based materials, dyes, pigments and energy sources.

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