Luxury Living Room Decor Ideas to Create an Enviable Space

Luxury living room ideas are synonymous with opulence. In-home decor, design choices focused on particular styles, color palettes, furniture arrangements, and so on can create a luxurious living room.

What Makes A Living Room Luxurious?

The living room is the epicenter of your home. It receives the most visitors and is where you spend most of your time, so getting it right is critical.

1. Color is everything

2. Concentrate on the lighting

3. Decide on a highlight

4. Texture is critical

What Colors Are Luxurious?

A living room has a meticulously planned interior design that represents your unique taste. Luxury paints allow for combining strong colors for a robust impact.

Black & white

Grey & gold

Off-white & rouge

Yellow, orange & citrus

Orange & gold

Mint & pink

Luxurious Living Room Accessory Ideas

Giving your living room a premium makeover does not mean purchasing all your furniture pieces from high-end vendors. You can create a truly luxurious interior design on any budget.

Luxury Living Room Design Ideas

Grand piano centerpiece

Sometimes all it takes is a single, well-chosen and well-placed piece to give the room a luxurious look. A piano, for instance, is one of the possibilities.

Luxury wall art

Living room art is one of those luxury living room ideas that make the difference between boring decor and a room that sends a powerful message in terms of style and ambiance.

The right style

The overall choice of style is a very good indication of whether or not it’s a luxury living room. Often, such a space has an aristocratic look, with style being untouched by the latest trends and influences.  Instead, it focuses on the past rather than the present.

Add some retro

An interior with a retro or vintage vibe is a good candidate for even a small luxury living room. You’d be able to tell by examining the main pieces of furniture as well as the decor, such as the shag rug.

Choose timeless pieces

Frequently, a luxury living room interior is focused on classical and timeless pieces of furniture.  It trends toward an aristocratic or royal allure and a certain amount of detail, ideal for smaller rooms.

Luxurious tones, textures

Simplicity can also be a sign of luxury. In this case, the richness of the living room decor comes from the selection of colors, textures and finishes.

Feature feng shui

In some cases,  feng shui living room decor can be very luxurious. The placement of certain elements is dictated by a strict set of rules so that they have special significance.

Attention to detail

Attention to detail is key in the case of a luxury living room or another type of space. This implies a certain amount of attention to the purely decorative elements present in the room.

Less is more

Sometimes, less is more and a luxurious living room is a perfect space for this design strategy. A trained designer can find ways to send a powerful message or to create a focal point using very few elements, especially in a small luxury living room

Elevated decor

In a luxury living room, it may also be possible to spot certain decor elements that are taken to a new level. These spaces often display items in a way that’s unexpected or uncommon.

Lighting is key

Designers usually give special attention to the lighting of the space. Instead of a single ceiling light, a luxury living room features a variety of fixtures, each with a special role.

Prevalence of gold

As you may have noticed, luxury living rooms tend to use gold as a color choice for decor. It’s a detail meant to suggest the idea of richness, opulence and glamour.

Use gold carefully

Too much gold can be overwhelming and have the opposite effect. There is a fine line between looking kitschy instead of glamorous and refined. Use it with care and in suitable quantities. Of course, the context matters.

White luxury style

In fact, white is also a color commonly used in luxury interior decor. It’s one of the least practical colors and also one of the hardest to maintain. Thus, always having a spotless white sofa is a big good achievement.

Use mirrors

Large mirrors and huge windows with panoramic views are two more luxury living room characteristics. They both make spaces seem larger and more open.

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