For people who need space, a lot of air, and freedom of movement, the loft style or its latest interpretation is industrial is ideal.

A loft is an attic, a room on the top floor, and the upper floor itself. To denote this word a new interior style began recently, although it itself originated in the first half of the twentieth century in New York, in the factory district of Manhattan.

In the loft interior, isolated rooms are practically absent. The space is zoned very conditionally according to the principle of functionality. It is this open layout that is the hallmark of the style.

The main characteristics of the design in the loft style are:

The openness of space, absence of load-bearing partitions; high ceilings, sometimes higher than ten meters; a large area from hundreds to thousands of square meters.

Color solutions can be very diverse. If there is a lot of light in the room, then you can use any color solutions in it: both light colors and bright juicy colors. With a lack of natural light, light shades should be avoided. They will make the room gray and dull. The best solution is to use bright and juicy tones.

Furniture-transformer, which is both original and at the same time seems to dissolve in space: sofas of broken shapes; chairs and hangers-on wheels, ready to move to any point of the interior; wide panoramic windows.

Features: metal as a fashionable accent. Cast iron baths, massive vintage radiators, metal rack racks, metal legs of beds.

ADVICE Floors should have a “history”: brushed wood, aged and painted wood, concrete and slate, self-leveling flooring. Rhythmic patterns that emphasize large spaces. The color range is from light bleached shades to deep dark ones. The color can be any – both natural and colorized, the main thing is that the floor should not look new.