Loft in Lower Manhattan: Andrea Leung

Architect Andrea Leung bought a historic loft in Manhattan and turned it into a mirror maze with secret rooms. Since moving to New York in 2013, Andrea has dreamed of her own apartment, which can become a secluded refuge for her in the big city. The perfect room was found on a quiet street corner in Tribeca: a sun-drenched loft with high ceilings that support three cast-iron Corinthian columns, in a historic building from 1864.

The work came during the months of the pandemic, and during that time the architect managed to really get to know the space from start to finish. First of all, Andrea got rid of the mezzanine and the small kitchen under it. It was decided to place private rooms along the eastern wall of the building: a bedroom, a dressing room, a kitchen, and two bathrooms are hidden behind a solid wall that stretches across the entire width of the apartment. Partly it is decorated with mirror panels and partly passes into a glass partition, so that sometimes it is impossible to distinguish a blank wall from a door hidden behind mirrors.

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