Living room pictures – 20 ways to create a new look for your lounge

1. A Living Room With A Fashionably Elegant Look

This smart small living room ideamixes different sized checks on upholstery, blinds and cushions in a dashing combination of black, white and yellow, gives traditional gingham a refreshing contemporary twist.

2. Living Room With Vivid Shades And Bold Pattern

When using a lot of hot, spicy shades in your wallpaper, introducing a crisp black and white pattern will act as a focal point and keep the look modern.

3. Classic Living Room With Vibrant Shades Of Blue

Opting for bold, block colors, such as azure, denim or sapphire on upholstery and in rugs is a nod to 2024's colorful living room trends, and allows depth to be added with pattern.

4. Quintessential English Country-Style Living Room With Artwork

Subtly toned cushions and an antique rug define this seating corner, which features a mix of textural fabrics including velvet, linen and hessian, creating an elegant living space with timeless allure.

5. Contemporary Living Room With Geometric Patterns

To ensure patterns work comfortably together when considering how to design a living room, choose designs from a similar tonal palette and complement them with plain walls and upholstery.

6. Horticultural Living Space With Mismatched Furniture

In this country living room idea, simple utility is given a light and pretty dimension with horticulturally themed decorative flourishes and happily mismatched pattern. It's a scheme that embodies relaxed charm.

7. Classic Living Room With Graphic Simplicity

Softly striped sheers and a rug in a chalky pink palette harmoniously balance with the bolder circular designs of the rattan chair, table and floor light – all with fine black metal frames to keep the look light.

8. A Crisp, Fresh Living Room With Denim Tones

From indigo to navy and cobalt, blue hues sit particularly well together, offering great scope for pattern mixing. In this fresh yet cozy living room, cushions with small-scale motifs are successfully combined with robust striped blinds and a bold indigo geometric pattern on the screen.

9. A Simple Country Living Room With Verdigris Finishes

For a pared back scheme, upholstered furniture should have a simple silhouette and minimal detailing. To achieve this look, opt for a neat sofa in a plain linen with no buttoning, while loose covers can be made for existing armchairs. If opting for neutral living room paint ideas, hints of subtle pattern and color can be introduced with soft furnishings.

10. A Living Room Corner With Global Influences

Using fabrics with patterns in different scales gives drapes a beautifully tailored finish, while contemporary furniture in the palest leather keeps the look fresh.

11. A Classic Living Room With Natural Elements

A timeless scheme offers a respite from the whirlwind of modern life – and with the neutral elements in place, it is easy to play with the balance of your palette as seasons change.

12. A Statement Living Room With Mural And Muted Color Palette

Intriguing and subtle, this architectural mural adds a lighter decorative touch to this scheme in which neutral, muted furnishings allow it to take centre stage. A ledge of rustic wood echoes the horizontal lines of the print, and creates display space for elegant accessories.

13. A Modern Monochrome Living Room With Graphic Artwork

Panelled walls painted in soft gray provide a sophisticated backdrop for this scheme, which artfully balances black and white upholstered furniture. Blocks of pattern, in the form of tailored cushions and artwork, add interest and personality to the modern look.

14. A Contemporary Living Room With Abstract Artwork

A sofa upholstered in a multicolored graphic print takes centre stage in this contemporary living space. Additional blocks of color work well with the strong linear shapes of dark furniture, while walls in pale gray allow the abstract artwork to sing out in this confident look.

15. A Tropical Living Room With Botanical Overtones

Blending fresh tones of ocean blue and lush botanical green with natural materials strengthens this boho living room scheme’s affinity with the outdoors. A delicately colored sheer drape provides privacy while filtering harsh sunlight for a softer look.

16. An Emerald-Green Living Space With A Botanical Theme

This series of foliage prints set against a vibrant emerald-green wall offer a modern take on the botanical theme. Sparse accessories and the clean lines of the mid century modern living room style furniture add to the contemporary flavor of the space.

17. A Fresh White Living Room With Monochrome Pattern

Concentrating furniture and accessories featuring strong pattern and brightly colored plains in a confined space is a good way to define a seating area within an all-white room.

18. A Living Room With The Vibrant Tones And Textiles Of South America

Upholstering a sofa in a lively combination of plain and patterned fabric creates instant character. Pair with walls in clashing hues and finish with a riot of colorful cushions.

19. A Dramatic Living Room With Brass Elements

The lustre of brass elements shines brightly when set against a calm backdrop of cool grays. A deep emerald green velvet sofa adds to the sense of drama and richness.

20. A Living Room With Delicate Designs And Bold Motifs

Using a variety of motifs in one hue and keeping pattern to the upholstery, while walls and floors remain plain, brings depth to a scheme without it feeling too busy. In this room, a striking wave design on the sofa offers a contrast to the more subtle prints elsewhere.

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