Learn how to decorate your rental property to make it look better

There are some easy ways to decorate a rented home without making permanent changes. Add personality to your living space without risking a deposit.

When it comes to decorating a rented apartment or house, there can be a range of restrictions as many landlords won’t allow any permanent changes to be made to their property. The extent of any innovations allowed usually depends on the landlord – some are happy to let you paint the rooms or slightly change them, provided that you return the property to its original condition. Therefore, find out in advance what is acceptable and what is not, and proceed to the arrangement.

Reshape the walls Adding color is a great way. Of course, before you start painting the walls, check with your landlord if it’s OK to do so. The use of color gives style and personality, it makes you feel at home, and not surrounded by boring plain walls. Be sure to remember and record the original wall color as you may need to change it back when you move out. We also recommend removable wallpaper as an ideal temporary wall covering: it generally does not damage the surface and can be changed as often as you wish.

Get extra lighting If there is not enough natural light, consider putting some lamps in the corners of the room. You can choose a light fixture that stands out to make it more of a decoration than an accessory. When you are limited in what you can do, simple changes make all the difference.

Choose multifunctional furniture Multifunctional furniture can help save money and space, and give you the opportunity to transform a room into different functions. Invest in flexible, aesthetically pleasing furniture to tailor it to your needs. Multifunctional furniture works wonders in a compact space – like a dining table that can be your work nook by day and dining area by night.

Play with layering Think of your space in terms of layers and create them with color, textiles, patterns, surface treatment, lighting, plants, and books to bring character and warmth to a room. Layering is a favorite hack of many professional decorators to instantly make a rental space look like a home.

Choose stylish storage systems Storage baskets are one of the best and most stylish living room storage ideas, but these objects also work well in bathrooms and bedrooms. They have wonderful tactile qualities that add personality and are a great way to hide the clutter in your living room.

Favorite photos and paintings Personal photos, favorite pieces of art, and unique wall decor will instantly make the space feel more lived-in and personalized. Pictures on the walls dramatically change the atmosphere, and you start to feel cozy and at home. You can use special tapes that do not damage the surface of the wall with hooks for hanging pictures: this way you can hang frames without making a hole in the paintwork.

Make the most of small open spaces Whether you have a balcony, a small terrace, or a tiny backyard garden, make the most of your outdoor space with a few simple touches. Fill your outdoor room, no matter how small, with tangible furniture.

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