Laminate flooring on the walls: finishes and installation features

Laminate on the walls in the interior Laminate is one of the most popular finishing materials. This is due to its affordable price, ease of installation, and unpretentious care. Most often, laminate is used for flooring, but recently this material can be increasingly found in wall decoration.

In the living room Laminate will perfectly decorate the walls of the living room. With it, you can divide the space into zones – for example, highlight a recreation area or a dining area. If the room is small, you can completely veneer one of the walls, and make the rest plain – either in the same color scheme, or, conversely, more accentuated. Also, designers often clad the wall, part of the floor, and ceiling around it.

In the bedroom Laminate is often used for wall decoration in the bedroom. The most popular mounting option here is wall cladding at the head of the bed. It can also be used to distribute accent zones – for example, highlight a workspace or a wall opposite the bed where you plan to install a TV.

In the kitchen Laminate is also suitable for finishing the kitchen. Here it can also be used as an accent area (for example, a dining area) or make an apron for the working area. Designers recommend choosing a color of laminate, which is in harmony with the facades of the kitchen set.

In the hallway Laminate on the walls in the hallway can well transform the space. Often the hall has a small area, and panels can visually enlarge the space. For example, with horizontal panels, the hallway can be “stretched” in width, and with vertical panels – in height. Light shades in combination with mirrors can make the room more spacious, dark ones, on the contrary, make the room smaller.

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