Kitchens without islands – 7 alternatives to the conventional island

1. Go For A Galley Or U-Shaped Layout

Consider the ‘golden triangle’ of your kitchen as the foundation. The golden triangle, or ‘working triangle’, establishes the key positioning of the refrigerator, the stove, and the sink as the fundamental basis for your kitchen design.

2. Opt For A Freestanding Table

It is key to consider the most suitable layout options for your kitchen depending on the size and shape. Movement around the kitchen and units should be easy, so trying to squeeze in an island if the space does not lend itself to this layout will ultimately impact the functionality of the space.

3. Consider A Peninsula Option

'A kitchen peninsula', explains Elizabeth Sherwin, creative director at Naked Kitchens, 'is a fantastic alternative as it offers many of the same benefits as a standalone island. Different from a freestanding island, kitchen peninsulas offer three sides of workspace, with one end attached to a wall or counter, often forming an L-shape which makes them a great option for narrower floorplans.'

4. Prioritize A Good Layout

Deciding what is the best layout for your kitchen will ensure you make the most of the space that you have. If space is limited, consider alternative shapes for the kitchen rather than simply adding an island.

5. Set Up A Banquette

Banquette seating offers a variety of solutions in a modern kitchen or kitchen-diner and provides a fun element to the design. Inbuilt seating, which can add a stylish element of color and pattern in a kitchen setting, will save space and is a key alternative to an island in a smaller kitchen. The dining area doubles up as kitchen preparation space and a built-in bench can provide a large amount of additional storage underneath the seats.

6. Choose A Breakfast Bar Over An Island

Breakfast bars offer similar advantages to an island as they provide additional storage and worksurface and they serve as a symbolic separation between the kitchen and dining area while still allowing sociable interaction between cook and guests.

7. Replace A Traditional Island With Salvaged Piece

When planning a kitchen, it is always very tempting to go for a kitchen island if you are fortunate enough to have the space for one. But far too often, islands can feel like a monolithic obstruction in the middle of the room.

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