Kitchen trends 2024 – 20 new looks and innovations for cabinets, countertops, floors, and more

1. Welcome With A Sociable Kitchen

Activate the ergonomic benefits of curves to get the party flowing. ‘A rounded island comes into its own when entertaining, especially in open-plan kitchens with multiple entrance/exit points, making it easier for guests to socialize and encouraging smooth transition between spaces,’ says Shehryar Khan

2. Make Your Kitchen A Multiuse Space

‘When seeking to create a family-friendly hub, it’s great to incorporate a bespoke desk and study area. A quiet but connected space for homework or for everyday home admin,’ says Caz Myers, director of Caz Myers Design. ‘Ensure the desk area ties in seamlessly with the kitchen design by using elements of the same finishes but with a defining twist – here the timber is dominant, for example.’

3. Add Smart Partitions

Don’t be afraid to disrupt sightlines in a modern kitchen – not every chef enjoys an audience. Opting for an open partition, like this mid-century-inspired installation by Muchmore Design, is a smart move. ‘Designed to work as a beautiful display as well as a functional room divider, it effectively bridges the feeling of coziness and openness within the contemporary open-plan living space,’ explains founder and creative director, Linsey Skepper.

4. Create Unusual Shapes For Shelving

The kitchen should be a fun, interesting, and wonderful space. Gabrielle Akers of Aker Interiors created original kitchen shelving for this loft dating from 1925. ‘I set out to create something different and unexpected to soften the raw, industrial architecture,’ she says. ‘Introducing curves was paramount to bringing warmth and moments of surprise to the otherwise angular space.'

5. Take A Quieter Approach To Interiors

With busy lives, homeowners are now more aware of their decorating choices and are aiming to find a balance between streamlined minimalism and luxury for their kitchens, which is why we will be seeing minimalist kitchen ideas soaring in popularity in 2024.

6. Embrace A Wood Resurgence

Wood kitchen cabinets are a popular choice for those that love a timeless or classic look, so it comes as no surprise that we will be seeing more and more homeowners look for walnut and oak cabinet kitchen ideas in the near future.

7. Think About Display Possibilities

No space for a dresser? Glazed wall cabinets are just as beautiful and the display possibilities just as strong, albeit on a smaller scale. Steer clear of a fitted-kitchen feel by opting for a standalone unit that’s more focal point than functional storage – perfect for walls without windows. Fill with colorful kitchen ideas, with crockery and artisanal packaging as the mood takes.

8. Invest In A Shapely Backsplash

Why end a kitchen backsplash in a straight, horizontal line when curvaceous silhouettes can prove far more enticing? Here, Australia-based designer Tamsin Johnson cut swooping curves into marble, merging backsplash and cooker hood with striking sinuousness. Also explore tiled backsplash in fish scales and hexagons for simple shape-shifting surfaces.

9. Step Up

Now there’s one more reason to celebrate high ceilings – the library ladder is coming into its own. Seen in all the loftiest kitchens, statement ladders are being embraced in all their vertical glory. ‘A permanent ladder is about so much more than accessible high-level kitchen storage,’ says designer Keith Myers, founder of The Myers Touch. ‘A beautiful ladder provides an interesting, eye-catching feature, while the metal rail introduces a punchy design detail.’

10. Go For Pattern Play

Traditional kitchens are making a play on directional pattern. Focus on areas such as cupboard interiors and backsplashes, advises Richard Moore of Martin Moore. ‘Used in this way, pattern makes a statement without overwhelming the space or detracting from the timelessness of the cabinetry,’ he says.

11. Decorate With Color Of The Season

Carrara has competition – the latest natural stones are all about green, the undisputed kitchen color hero for 2024. ‘There’s a definite trend towards more impactful surface choices and we’re seeing demand soar for nature-inspired shades,’ reports Oliver Webb, director of stone specialist Cullifords.

12. Bring Flooring Up-To-Date

Those seeking an alternative to herringbone or chevron kitchen flooring should check out mansion weave. Originating in 17th-century French mansions, this pattern is being revived for a new audience. While the latest incarnation shares the same polygons and trapezoids as the original, chunkier plank formats and pale timbers bring it up to date.

13. Introduce Mirrored Elements

An established backsplash favorite, antiqued mirrored glass is making a move onto kitchen cabinet ideas. In this home in Manhattan, David Howell, founder of DHD Architecture and Interior Design, used handblown silvered glass on the wall cabinets to bring the cityscape inside.

14. Provide Statement Seating

When it comes to bar stools, bespoke maker Jack Trench points to a trend for more intimate perching in the kitchen. ‘This may be a single or two-stool perching point, or simply a more economically sized breakfast bar,’ says director, Jack Trench.

15. Create A Lovely Look With Antique Wood

As part of the trend toward less ‘kitchen-y’ cooking spaces, classical wood kitchen ideas are making a move into the kitchen. ‘Traditional timbers are being embraced in new and unexpected ways,’ says Katie Glaister of K&H Design.

16. Go For Glazed Tiles

A tiled kitchen backsplash is nothing new, but there will be a shift away from matt finishes and towards gloss. A glazed tile is not just easy to clean – it will also reflect the light around the room, with effective results regardless of the color.

17. Mix Vintage With Antiques

Future kitchen trends are about dispelling any notions of a show home, and introducing some antique or vintage furniture into a kitchen has the immediate effect of creating a warm, lived-in home environment. Farmhouse kitchen furniture in the form of a scrubbed kitchen table or dresser is the obvious choice for a traditional look. Timeless, built to last and often inexpensive to find at vintage fairs, antique pieces will introduce character to a new space.

18. Break Up Your Space With Partitions

After years of breaking down walls to create large open-plan rooms, over recent times we've come to appreciate the benefits of being able to close the door and escape the soundtrack of the entire house. A glazed partition can split spaces without compromising on light or the feeling of togetherness. It also has the advantage of helping to contain smells in the kitchen area.

19. Make A Statement With Metal

While they are generally considered something of a necessary evil in the UK, the American approach to extractor hoods has long been more celebratory, with custom-made designs in unusual finishes making strong and defining statements in kitchens across the land. This kitchen trend looks set to take off in a big way, too, especially in eye-catching metal surfaces.

20. Focus On Layered Lighting

Lighting in a kitchen is always a challenge to get right but the art of layering will be key to designing kitchens successfully going forward. The reality is you only need a certain amount of task lighting in specific preparation areas, too many downlighters and the kitchen ceiling ends up looking rather like a landing strip.

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