1. Light-Filled Kitchens Dominate 2023

All kitchen trends of 2023 are moving toward lighter and brighter spaces. So, whatever the design or final look, the room will be full of sunlight.

2. Statement Kitchen Hood

Whether minimalist or traditional, a cooker hood makes a statement. These designs promise fun and creative ways to highlight the kitchen hood. But in the same way, kitchen remodel ideas for 2023 also lean towards minimal and integrated styles. These seem invisible, especially in forward-thinking traditional and online kitchen designs.

3. Family-Centered Kitchen Designs in 2023

Comfy, cozy spaces with enough seating for family take precedence in residential kitchen designs in 2023.

4. Mini High-End Prep Spaces

Short-term rentals, especially for quick getaways, are getting a luxe makeover. Creating a small bespoke interior increases the appeal of your vacation rental, without a doubt

5. Ecocentric Kitchen Design

Expect to see an increase in organic, eco-friendly green design. Plastic, unless recycled, is out, and natural, sustainably sourced materials are in.

6. Bye-Bye Upper Cabinets

Although the thorough organization of the popular KonMari method has settled down in past years, its based concept of kurashi has left an imprint on everyday designs. Meanwhile, the recent pandemic has also placed focus on what is important. And so, visually spacious, clutter-free interiors are key. One way kitchen design embraces the trend is by bidding farewell to upper cabinets and embracing sophisticated smart storage instead.

7. Kitchen Remodel Ideas Raise in 2023

The kitchen makes a decisive impact on a home’s buyability. In fact, potential buyers might not consider a house if they dislike the kitchen.

8. Diverse Materials Clad Kitchens in 2023

Two-tone wood kitchens are gaining popularity, but it’s more than contrast that makes it appealing. Kitchen remodel ideas for 2023 predict an increase in multi-material kitchens. This means wood, stone, and ceramics will sit alongside new and upcoming mediums. The result will certainly be visually and texturally pleasing.

9. Space-Saving Cupboard Kitchen Design

In 2023, kitchen trends are making the most of compact interiors. Highly populated metropolises are always in need of space-saving and innovative designs.

10. Vintage Revival Kitchen Tiles & Details

Make the most of what you have. Gut renovations are not necessarily key to your kitchen revamp in the next few years.

11. Using an Ex-Show Kitchen

Buying a second-hand kitchen is becoming possible thanks to ex-showroom designs. You can purchase a complete kitchen at the forefront of what’s trending. In this way, you’ll keep costs low as well as reuse products. It’s a financially-wise and environmentally friendly option.

13. Adding Character with Statement Stone

Kitchen design and countertop trends for 2023 allow more personalization than ever. If it’s not cabinets or wall color, surfaces – especially stone – can add character to the interior.

14. Jewelry-Box Terrazzo Detailing

Terrazzo adds a unique look to interiors. They’re available in tile format, big-scale for floors, backsplashes, and countertops. It can take on exactly the look you want while reusing chips of other building materials, like glass and marble.

15. New Steel Kitchen Trends for 2023

Minimal yet welcoming stainless-steel kitchen cabinets make some of the most attractive trends of 2023. Moreover, it’s not only the counter but the entire kitchen that can get a full-metal treatment. Yet, they come with a twist. Brushed, mirrored, laser-printed, and matte finishes will give more variety and suit a range of interior styles.

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