Kitchen ideas – 60 fabulous kitchen decor and decorating ideas

1. Introduce Positivity And Warmth With Yellow

2. Add Joie De Vivre With A French Country Kitchen

3. Add Interest To The Ceiling

4. Hang Storage Up High

5. Consider A Shapely Backsplash

6. Put It On Display

7. Utilize The Size Of The Space

8. Invest In Chic Seating

9. Create A Kitchen Decor Scheme With Character

10. Reinvent Rustic Kitchens With Moody Shades

11. Add Pattern To A Kitchen With Wallpaper

12. Rethink Fabrics For A Kitchen, Too

13. Design A Chef's Kitchen

14. Color Scheme And Combine Materials With Restraint

15. Embrace Shaker Style

16. Make A Kitchen Feel Homey With Casual Seating

17. Love Contemporary? Black Is Back

18. Work Your Layout Around Your Windows

19. Pick Intriguing Backsplash Materials

20. Play With Scale

21. Keep Walls Clear For A Relaxed, Spacious Kitchen

22. Know Where To Spend And Where To Save

23. Use Every Opportunity To Boost Storage

24. Include Freestanding Elements To Move Beyond 'Fitted'

25. Warm An All-White Scheme With Natural Textures

26. Mix Patterns With Plains To Create A Balanced Scheme

27. Love Grey? Create More Impact With Deep Tones

28. Add Personality With Eclectic Decor

29. Glam Up A Green Kitchen With Gold Fittings

30. Start With A Well-Planned Lighting Scheme

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