Kitchen design: how to avoid stereotypes

The room that has recently undergone the most transformations in appearance and configuration is the kitchen. Architects and decorators believe that it is high time to take a broader look at the place where we cook and spend a significant part of the day. To abandon stereotypes means to take a fresh look at the choice of materials, ways of organizing space, choosing lamps, mixers, and mastering the possibilities offered by new technology.

Invisible kitchen A direct consequence of the combination of kitchens with the living area is the spread of “invisible” kitchens. What was once a practical and forced solution in small rooms has now become a conscious preference regardless of the area – the kitchen is completely hidden behind vertical panels. In a modern kitchen, everything should be hidden: not only storage systems and shelves, but also household appliances, and in some cases even sinks.

Lighting as an element of style Light has always been a defining element of the style of the room. And the kitchen is no exception. The possibilities of LEDs have transformed the kitchen: almost all household appliances are now illuminated, but in the kitchen, new light sources have many more uses. There are hundreds of good functional reasons for the mass appearance of diodes in the kitchen, they are especially appropriate in spaces under wall cabinets.

Appliances for modern kitchen It’s not just about the constant improvement of technical characteristics: the new technology allows you to rethink the entire kitchen space. It is worth paying attention to two elements that are guaranteed to transform the appearance of the room. First of all, this is a flat profile induction hob – it will provide a minimalist aesthetic that is perfect for creating the illusion of “disappearing” between the lines of the hob. Another detail is modern hoods. On the one hand, you can find models with ever more original and characteristic shapes, on the other hand, they can be integrated into the worktop to free the ceiling and even disappear from view. Finally, home automation: it is in the kitchen that voice assistants are most appropriate.

White kitchens A trend that has already gone out of fashion and back again: the reason for this is its versatility. White color can instantly bring a sense of modernity and clarity to the kitchen. White surfaces, in addition to formal cleanliness, have a clear advantage: they provide the most vivid background for the environment. White is still a traditional solution that is easy to combine. In particular, white kitchens are the best idea for rooms where you want to keep brick or stone walls. Tip: Go beyond neutral materials and use shades of natural surfaces like Carrara marble, resin, and microcement.

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