Kitchen Christmas decor ideas – 25 festive design tips

1. Go All Out With A Christmas Tree

If you have the space then adding a Christmas tree is one of the best kitchen Christmas decor ideas and will instantly imbue your kitchen with seasonal cheer. Accessorize shelving with foliage placed in festive crockery along with cookware and linens in a red and white scheme.

'We spend so much time decorating the rest of our homes at Christmas that the kitchen can feel, comparatively, a little unloved,’ says Ben Burbidge, managing director of Kitchen Makers. ‘Embellish the surfaces with a handful of carefully chosen decorations or artfully arrange sprigs of seasonal foliage to lift the space.’

2. Make A Display From Your Tableware

When it comes to kitchen Christmas decor ideas, start by using the items that are already in play in your kitchen. 'I typically use more colorful tableware for Christmas, so putting pieces in more prominent places, such as on a dresser or shelving, can add a subtle touch of color that feels festive,’ says Kevin O’Gara from Kevin Francis Design.

3. Create A Bar Area For Festive Tipples

No festive celebrations are complete without a tipple or two, so keep the drinks cupboard well stocked and easily accessible. By storing drinks and nibbles away from the main cooking area, you will also ensure that guests don’t get under your feet while you are cooking. Then give the space a festive flair with red glassware and candlelight.

4. Dress The Windows

Even the practical rooms of the home shouldn’t escape the festive cheer. Decorate your windows with Christmas garland ideas and swags of foliage that will brighten your home both inside and out. You can even make a garland yourself from Christmas foliage ideas.

5. Get Out The Paint

If you are seeking a last-minute way to refresh the look of your kitchen, then it’s time to pick up the paintbrush. There are plenty of great painted kitchen ideas that will reinvigorate the space before the festive season.

6. Don't Forget To Add Decorative Details

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to incorporate kitchen Christmas decor ideas into your space is to take time to create decorative vignettes filled with cheer. Giving the kitchen a festive feel is a great way to bring warmth into what is typically a functional space. Here, vases of winter blooms, surrounded by a selection of Christmas card ideas and baubles, all lit by candlelight, make for a pretty display when the island is not in use.

7. Hang Decorations From Beams

Small kitchens should not be excluded from the kitchen Christmas decor ideas.

8. Incorporate Social Areas Into Your Kitchen

If you're hosting Christmas parties this year, ensure that your kitchen Christmas decor ideas give guests a warm welcome. Factor in plenty of social spaces so that the kitchen doesn’t feel disconnected from celebrations.

9. Add Festive Houseplants

Houseplants are a great addition to the kitchen all year round, however, come Christmas they will be particularly welcome. From the best winter house plants to the best Christmas flowers and plants, the greenery and colorful blooms will help to breathe new life into your kitchen.

10. Look To Nature For Decorative Inspiration

‘I always think it’s best to deck your halls from the garden,’ says florist Nikki Tibbles of Wild at Heart. ‘Rather than cliched poinsettia, I like a big vase of branches – a mass of holly, lichen, pine or something evergreen – in the entrance hall or on the kitchen table.’

11. Set A Festive Tone With Mood Lighting

‘Get creative with lighting,’ suggests Mike Head, Director at Atlas Ceramics. ‘You can now buy adhesive strip LED lights, which are perfect to create atmosphere in your kitchen when you are hosting. You can place them above your hob, or under your cupboards for a cheap alternative to installing downlighters.’

12. Drape Your Kitchen Shelves With Garlands

Long rows of shelving, the tops of kitchen cupboards, alcoves for stoves and windows looking out onto the garden – there are so many elements of kitchen architecture that are just crying out for a garland to decorate them this holiday season. Learn how to make a Christmas garland yourself for a totally unique addition to your kitchen, or invest in a readymade slug of pine sprigs (artificial or otherwise), dried oranges, pine cones, festive ornaments and more.

13. Cook Up Some Scented Magic

'My aunt is Swedish and at Christmas she always makes a traditional spicy drink called Glogg,’ says Angus Buchanan, Creative Director of Buchanan Studio. ‘It is a type of mulled wine with the addition of ginger, cardamon and bourbon which permeates the house with the most incredible aroma – it’s been a staple on our Christmas table for years.’

14. Spruce Up A Cupboard Door With A Wreath

Wreaths are not just for your Christmas door decor ideas – nor are they strictly for Christmas wall decor ideas. In the kitchen, think about attaching one to the doors of your cupboards for an unexpected piece of festive detail. If you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in pantry, the door to this is also an excellent location for Christmas wreath ideas  – perhaps scented with cinnamon and dried oranges to hint at the tasty Christmas treats located inside.

15. Get The Glow With Candles

Christmas is also the optimum time to whip out your best candles. They’re a great way to add a sense of drama to a kitchen when it is being used as an entertaining space, or just as a little bit of luxury for yourself while cooking.

16. Create A Cozy Seating Area

During a long day of Christmas cooking, you deserve to give yourself a rest. For those little bits of time in between the next turkey-brining session and blind-baking the mince pies, create a corner of your kitchen dedicated to kicking back.

17. Fill Your Kitchen With Festive Prints

Kitchens are filled with more soft furnishings than you might expect – and this means plenty of opportunities to inject a little bit of festive pattern. Swap your teatowels, oven gloves, seat cushions and aprons for seasonal alternatives, looking to Scandi-style for stylish inspiration. Enhance your kitchen Christmas decor ideas by swapping in a blind with a fun festive print, and do the same with your seat cushions if you want to go all out.

18. Set A Dazzling Dining Table

If your kitchen is open plan, you’ll likely need to think about your kitchen decorations and Christmas dining room decor all at once. A dazzling dining table is an absolute must for a festive meal, but ensure it ties in well with your decoration scheme at the more functional end of the room. This has been done in this room with the continual use of lush evergreen branches.

19. Ensure The Island Is An Entertaining Center

‘With numerous events taking place around the festive season, it is vital that the layout of the kitchen is both functional and allows for socialising,’ says Klink. ‘Creating a space that is adaptable for all occasions is key, from large family gatherings to smaller intimate meals with a loved one.’

20. Use Red For Splashes Of Festive Color

Kitchens don’t tend to be the most colorful parts of our homes – but Christmas is the perfect time to change that. An instant way to easily inject festive fun into a neutral kitchen is to add details in red – from cookware put on display to bows and flowers. It’s an emblem of Christmas that catches the eye instantly, is rarely seen in kitchens, and is a great way to signal a sense of magic falling upon the space over the holiday season.

21. Source A Tree That Can Fit On The Countertop

Make every room in your home festive with small details and decorative designs that work in any size space. Here, a delightful miniature Christmas tree nearly fits into an unused corner on the kitchen countertop.

22. Adorn Your Kitchen With Twinkling Lights

'This season we look to introduce a soft color palette of pine sprigs and sparkling gold accents for a simple yet traditional look this holiday,' says Emily Kelsey, Lights4Fun. 'We bring festive touches into the heart of our homes with twinkling gold stars, wreaths, and garlands, decorating the kitchen for Christmas.

23. Use Berries And Eucalyptus To Decorate Platters

One of the easiest kitchen Christmas decor ideas is to add festive foliage to your kitchen. 'I am a great believer that we shouldn’t all wear ourselves out producing all the meals at Christmas time, it's much more important to have fun together,' says Mark Winstanley, chief creative officer at The White Company.

24. Utilize The Tops Of Cabinets And Kitchen Island

'If you don't have space for a tree in your kitchen Christmas decor ideas, you can still add a touch of festive style,' says Rebecca Nokes, head of design and brand creative at John Lewis of Hungerford. 'Think about grouping candles in varying heights on a kitchen island to make a stunning centerpiece or draping festive foliage and twinkling lights over cabinetry. Hanging groups of baubles from shelves and utensil racks are also a quick and easy idea to add some holiday season charm to your kitchen.'

25. Fill A Cake Stand Full Of Festive Decorations

If you have a kitchen island, or even have some spare space after organizing your kitchen countertops, then use these areas to embrace kitchen Christmas decor ideas.

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