Advantages and design features


This is a lunch group replacement, it looks more interesting and lighter. The lighter is especially important if the room is small.

In the studio apartment, there is an element of zoning: it separates the cooking area, dining room, and living room.

Connected to the headset, it is an additional work surface. If there is a built-in wardrobe below, then there is also a place for storage.


Firstly, rarely such products are mobile, you can’t just move them. Of course, there are sliding, and folding models. But this solution is non-standard, such furniture will have to be ordered.

Finally, thirdly, not everyone is comfortable sitting on a high stool. This applies to the elderly and young children under the age of 12. Will have to find an alternative.

Secondly, a bar counter for the kitchen, the size of which can accommodate a company of five people is a rarity. At least when it comes to small rooms. Usually, comfortable seating involves three to four people maximum. Obviously not an option for fans of big noisy parties.


The bar counter can be either a separate element or part of a kitchen set. There are four types based on placement location.

Adjoining the wall is a typical solution for small rooms when the passage is narrow. A window sill table also belongs to this type – a good option for small kitchens, since an inactive area near the window is usually used.

A partition divides the space into zones: for example, they delimit the dining room, and living room in a studio apartment.

Separately standing. If the space allows, why not make a bar on the kitchen island? It looks especially impressive in a classic style.

Part of a countertop. The bar continuation of the countertop is also a great option for small rooms. Often such models are made with various shelves, stands, and other useful decorative elements.