How to make coffee smoothies: my new favorite health trend


Adding coffee to a smoothie might sound strange, but when you look at the nutrients available in both, it makes sense. Tim Spector said that people who drink coffee 'are getting considerable amounts of fiber and there are other chemicals within the coffee that have beneficial effects on the heart via our gut microbes too'. He said that these chemicals, known as polyphenols, 'are like rocket fuel for your gut microbes which have an amazing protective effect on the rest of the body'. So coffee caffeinates, but it also helps your body's natural defense system.


Before you blend anything, start with quality coffee. Jack Farmer from Foundation Coffee Roasters says that the best coffee smoothies start with 'high quality, speciality espresso beans'. He explained a top quality coffee 'tastes full bodied and sweet, not bitter. If you don't have an espresso machine, you can use a single serve machine or make cold brew coffeee. The higher the quality of your coffee, the better this is going to taste'.

Once you've brewed your coffee, there are two things that you'll need to do. Firstly, remove the crema. Jack says that 'although the crema is a sign that the espresso has been extracted properly,  when dissolved in the espresso, the crema actually gives a bitter flavor. By removing this, you'll have a naturally sweeter smoothie'.

You'll also want to let your coffee cool. I've never enjoyed a hot smoothie and I don't plan on starting now. If coffee smoothies become your next favorite drink, I would recommend making coffee ice cubes. You can add these straight into your smoothie before blending, instead of making a shot of coffee. It'll keep your coffee cool and caffeinated, without diluting it.


Armed with these tips, you can make a coffee smoothie. The process is simple. Place one cup of coffee with one banana and a splash of milk in a blender. Once these ingredients are well-blended, you've got your basic coffee smoothie.


When we can add coffee to something, we will. Coffee smoothies have been an enlightening and game-changing post workout treat for me, but I got a little more experimental as chefs gave me weirder and wackier suggestions.

Firstly, a lot of experts had recommended adding Greek yogurt or coconut cream, to my smoothie for enhanced creaminess. You only need half a cup, but it works. We were pretty pleased with the results. Our smoothie became a lot silkier and rich.

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