Just 29 Things To Help Improve Your Yard

A lightweight portable 120-inch screen that will make your backyard the go-to spot for movie night.

A poolside rocking chair to add some retro elegance to your favorite sunbathing spot as you read your current favorite book.

A canopy made of breathable material that allows the cool breeze to flow through while softly shielding you from the strong sun rays. It also allows light rain to pass through, so it could also be perfect to hang over your garden!

A set of outdoor string lights to give your outdoor space alll the ~vibes~ and make your backyard the designated evening hangout spot. They're also waterproof, so no need to worry when the rain decides to make a surprise guest appearance.

A hammock chair — this outdoor seating is gonna make you feel like you're in a boho photoshoot as you aesthetically bask in the sun with the breeze flowing through your hair.

A fast-acting lawn repair formula made of grass seeds, mulch, and soil amendment to mend the abuse your yard has endured from all your dog's outdoor activities. This reviewer's grass was an inch tall after just one week!

An outdoor fan to keep the air circulating around you and your guests as you sip on your favorite iced drink. It also helps keep pesky bugs away! No more canceling out the crisp summer breeze with loads of bug spray.

A gazebo with curtains for creating your own more private, more secluded space in an exposed yard. Reviewers are impressed with its quality and how strongly it holds. If you want a real gazebo but don't want the commitment, this is the next best thing!

A set of waterproof motion sensor lights you'll appreciate on late nights when Fido decides he wants to play hide and seek and has no plans of coming back inside anytime soon. You can mount them pretty much anywhere in your yard, and you'll immediately know where your furry bestie is hiding.

A cedar oil insect killer to help you evict fleas, mosquitoes, scorpions, beetles, and gnats that are currently living in your yard rent-free.

A pair of light-up flower bundles so you can turn your backyard into a scene straight from Avatar. These will definitely turn me into the mystical forest fairy I was always meant to be.

A wood grill fire pit to elevate your guests' experience when it's your turn to host the BBQ get-together. It's smokeless, so no more playing musical chairs to avoid the smoke! You should, uh...probably go break up with that traditional ol' oven of yours.

Weather-resistant Adirondack chairs that reviewers say are super easy to assemble. They're made of a rot-resistant plastic material that looks like real wood and have the perfect slant for sitting back and getting a lil' tan going.

A flexible adjustable mister for when you want to get your dose of vitamin D but ugh...heat. This claims to cool your surrounding area by up to 20 degrees and helps you stay cool as a cucumber.

A multi-functional fire pit that'll be your friend no matter what the temperature is outside. A bit chilly? Make it a s'mores night and it'll keep you toasty warm. Is it actually kinda hot outside? Fill the pit with ice and drinks to keep you cool!

A bamboo mason bee house that's worth buzzing about. It's a nice way of welcoming neighboring bees in an aesthetically pleasing way. And the flowers in your yard could actually use some of their pollination, truth ~bee~ told.

A sturdy portable high-top party bar to turn your bar into your friends' favorite bar in town. Easily store water, beer, soda, and other cocktail-ready beverages to make your next backyard party one for the books.

A leaf blower/vacuum with an angled snout that's ideal for reaching under your deck and sucking up all those hidden leaves that thought they could hide. It also comes with a built-in mulcher and a switch to change functions — no need to stop and change out a tube!

A handy-dandy turf spreader that lets you distribute seeds and fertilizer across your lawn with so little effort, you can just pop in your earphones and pretend you're in one of those movie montages where the main character decides to have a productive day.

A charming beach umbrella to protect your skin from the harsh rays while adding a retro touch to your yard's design.

And an umbrella light for when game night has escalated to competitive levels and that game of Uno is now lasting well past sundown. No need to move the game inside! Just flip your umbrella's light switch on and you'll be able to see that you actually have two reverse cards ready to use (*evil laugh*).

A set of mini potted plants to give your yard's boring brown fence the perfect touch of color it needs. Plus, they're just so cute!

A weather-resistant eight-foot wooden path that you'll appreciate when you want to avoid damp or muddy ground. It's also a delightful way of leading you into the more hidden spaces of your garden.

A planter privacy screen to support climbing plants and serve as a charming frame by the time they're fully grown. It's also an ideal way of bringing some warmth to your yard while separating different areas of your outdoor space!

A firewood rack if you want to de-clutter your back porch and need something for keeping your pile of pine nicely stored. Plus, it'll be the most aesthetically pleasing firewood rack in the neighborwood.

Hidden shed storage because your trash cans' color palette simply does not work with the overall earth-toned design of your yard. This lets you hide them while still allowing you easy access.

A roll of faux ivy you can attach to wire fencing, railings, or a trellis to add a touch of botanical lushness to your yard. This is especially useful for those of us who want our yard to say "I have a green thumb"...when you, in fact, don't.

A standing weeder so that you no longer have to ~weed it and weep~ as you bend down and break your back to get all your weeds out. With this, you can stay standing and let the three steel claws grip the weeds for you as you pull them out!

A pressure washer to make your dull patio furniture and fence look brand new. You can also use it on your porch and lawn equipment! One reviewer said they even got great results without using a cleaning solution, and that it's quite satisfying to use!

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