Jim Carrey Sells Los Angeles Ranch for $29 Million

Actor Jim Carrey put up for sale his ranch in Los Angeles for $ 29 million. It is located in Brentwood, among lush gardens with an area of one hectare. In the possession of the Hollywood icon, there is a swimming pool with a waterfall, a tennis court, and an Art Deco theater.

Comedian Jim Carrey was very fond of this house, located in one of the most famous enclaves of celebrities in Los Angeles. Originally built in 1951, the bright and airy estate is hidden behind unusually high hedgerows, so it is always quiet and from the side of the road, you can not see what is happening inside. For the past 30 years, when Kerry tried to escape from Hollywood, he retired behind the beautiful brick gates of his estate. In this serene and pastoral atmosphere, he rehearsed new roles, practiced yoga, and meditated.

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