7 small closet storage ideas that live in our heads rent-free

Opt for Uniform Hangers

“No wire hangers…ever” is not just a chilling line from an iconic scene in Mommie Dearest, but it’s also an essential rule for an organized closet, according to our experts. “You can instantly improve the look and feel of your closet just by swapping out your mismatched hangers with a nice matching set,” Gill says.

Organize Shelf Space

Organizing a closet can feel daunting, but the key is tackling the process in an orderly fashion. Gill believes in a five-step process: clarify, edit, organize, elevate, and maintain. “Before you dive into the hands-on work of organizing your space,” she says

Invest in Storage Bins

According to Gill, laying out the closet according to how often you use items makes it easier to get dressed each day. “Set up everyday essentials front and center for easy access, and put formal, seasonal, and occasional items in the very back, up on a top shelf, or relocate to another storage area in your home,” she says. “You may also choose to organize and arrange hanging items by type, style, and colour.” Storage bins are particularly handy here.

Label Everything

Meluskey and Bright take a strategic approach to effectively making the most of teeny spaces. The duo believes that categories are the backbone of closet organization. “Audit your inventory and be thoughtful and thorough as you jot down the categories that make sense for you,” Meluskey says. “Let your inventory dictate the categories.” Bright also stresses that an entire category (swimwear and coverups or athletic wear) should stay in one spot. “Plan your closet layout around where the entire category can fit,” Bright adds.

Group Accessories Together

Utilize closet shelving in a way that designates a special spot for your accessories. Your small closet is a perfect spot for teeny bins that hold hair accouterments. Hilary Matt Interiors takes a bedroom closet and transforms it into a hair styling enclave with dividers that keep it all decluttered.

Consider a Custom Closet

You can organize a small closet with custom cubbies and a vibrant pop of colour on the inside. Viñas introduced a bedroom closet where there was none. The built-in added extra storage in a secret way since it was hidden in the architectural details. “The room feels seamless and is not interrupted by closet doors,” Viñas says. “The trim is carried throughout the bottom of the space with the wallpaper above it. It’s a sneaky way of hiding the closet and providing uniformity to a small room.”

Make Over Blank Wall Space

“Adding shelves above hanging rods in a small closet will make you feel like you hit the storage jackpot,” says Ann Arbor, Michigan—based Krista Nye Nicholas, principal designer and partner at Cloth & Kind. “The additional surface [over the closet rod] can easily accommodate anything from folded clothes to small baskets to shoes.”

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