Christmas garland ideas – 10 fabulously festive ways to decorate

1. Hang A Garland Vertically

If you are looking for Christmas door decor ideas, a garland, even down one side of the frame, can make an impact. 'Attach a lush Christmas garland to an upright beam, it will instantly bring the outside in as well as creating a festive feel. Make sure it goes from floor to ceiling for added impact,' says Jennifer

2. Keep It Simple With Faux Foliage

Garlands make for fabulous Christmas mantel decor, and the best are long enough to drape off the edge of the shelf to create a luxurious feel. 'Faux foliage is getting more realistic and the beauty of it is that it can be reused every year. If the conventional holiday colors of red and green aren't your thing, then choose a design that has a more muted palette with white berries, pine cones and ivy,' says Andrea

3. Light Up Dark Corners With A Garland Intertwined With String Lights

Christmas kitchen decor ideas aren't always easy to squeeze into the space since so many of the surfaces are in use. However, you can drape them decoratively over dressers and freestanding pantries, and if you combine them with Christmas lighting ideas, they can make an otherwise unlit corner feel cozy.

4. Use A Garland To Create A Canopy Above A Console

Christmas table garland ideas, like those in the kitchen, aren't always practical, especially if the table is narrow. But there is a way to make the table a centerpiece, perhaps in an entryway or dining room, by hanging a garland above it. They make perfect Christmas wall decor ideas, as long as they are just slightly longer than the table they are above. Too short, and they will look out of place.

5. Decorate Your Stairs With A Bauble Packed Garland

Of course, Christmas stair decor ideas will probably spring to mind first when you consider where to drape your garland – and they are perfect for making your home feel festive and welcoming.

6. Dress An Antique Mirror With Fresh Foliage

Whether you're looking for Christmas living room ideas or even want to create a festive feel for the bathroom, a garland is an easy win draped over a mirror. 'Creating a Christmas garland is very simple and looks impressive whether it be dressing an antique mirror or contemporary staircase. When creating a garland, which will be out of water, choosing hardy ingredients is key – evergreen foliage is a must and there are a few seasonal flowers, like wax flower, that can add delicacy and color,' says Philippa Craddock, founder and creative director of the Philippa Craddock Flower School.

7. Go The Extra Mile For Your Guests

Christmas bedroom decor is a must if you want guests to feel welcome, however minimal.

8. Match Your Mantel And Table Garlands

You can take your Christmas fireplace ideas to another level by decorating it with a garland to match others around the house. If you're looking for Christmas dining room ideas, it's the perfect solution.

9. Give Your Front Porch The Extra Touch

If you love outdoor Christmas decorations or are searching for Christmas porch decor ideas specifically, why not consider a garland draped over the door? It creates the perfect welcome.

10. Don't Forget To Perk Up Your Window Sills Too

Christmas window decor ideas do double duty because they can be enjoyed from indoors and out. When it comes to Christmas garlands, 'less is more and fresh is best – we are blessed to live in an environment where we can cut much of what we need right in our backyard. Winterberry is lovely for a pop of red and add in pinecones for texture, ' says Mary Maloney, owner and creative director of Bee's Knees Interior Design.

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