Interiors in 2023: forecasts of trend agencies

Forecasts in the interior design industry, according to recent agency reports, promise a much more dramatic reality than the previous year. Statistics show that many are ready to leave the tendency to stay at home and return to life with full dedication. This intention will also be reflected in the interiors: soft color palettes, cocoon-like things and an atmosphere of serenity will give way to bright individualism.

Rich colors The bright color palette symbolizes the joy of life. White and neutral interiors are falling out of favor with more cheerful hues, even if they just show up as discrete spots. “Society is focusing on the individual and we are seeing how minimalism is moving beyond simplicity and function to include more expressive elements,” says Tom Mirabile.

Craft in every single thing Lately, people have had a lot of time to examine their own furniture and identify the flaws of every mass-produced item. Together with a general desire for more sustainable options, this has led to a sensitivity to craft practices.

Well forgotten old The focus on craft and makership, according to many experts, is due to the desire for individual self-expression. Consumers are no longer interested in coordinated spaces and matching furniture sets. They prefer to include unique items, heirlooms, or lucky finds they love in their space.

New Biophilia In the past few years, interiors have seen an abundance of greenery, from botanical patterns to ornamental plants. Now this passion, still influencing the interior, is turning into something else. This means desert landscapes, mineral hues, mossy greens and raw, unfinished textures.

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