Interior in Zen style

The Zen style, which came to us from the East and is perceived by many as a kind of philosophy, is usually chosen by people who are looking for harmony and peace. Someone chooses a lifestyle in the style of Zen, and someone is limited to using it when decorating the interior of their home.

The main idea of the Zen style is an abstraction from everything superfluous. The purpose of this interior design is to create an environment that will promote peace and self-contemplation. A minimum of things, calm tones, and laconic interior items are the distinctive features of the style.

Balance is a key concept in creating a Japanese interior style. It is classic and modern at the same time. In this style, harmony is achieved through the use of simple and natural jewelry. Clutter and an abundance of distracting details are alien to Zen philosophy.

To imitate the creation of design in the Zen style, you can use buddha images, various paintings on bamboo screens, and elements of traditional Japanese culture. It can be a composition of branches or stems of bamboo, rustic lamps, a carpet, or a mat made of natural materials. In order for this style to cover your entire home and not just the living room, you should install furniture made of dark wood in the dining room.

Aesthetic in Zen philosophy is not a beautiful thing in itself, but rather its fleeting uniqueness and naturalness, without artificial decorations. For this reason, in Zen interiors, so much attention is paid to the natural component of the living space. The color scheme of the interior, decorated in the style of Zen, should be close to the natural colors of nature, mainly lighter, perhaps even the use of white.

The furniture is predominantly wooden, with simple clear shapes, without any obvious decorative decorations. The furnishings use low sofas with light upholstery, which are combined with dark wood and light color of the floor and walls. Traditionally, furniture of small height is used, which allows you to get the freest space and achieve more air in the room. Lacquered oblong tables with a height of 20-40 cm look great. Textiles are natural, and light. Such materials help to create the right mood. Moreover, it is always pleasant to touch something natural and get aesthetic pleasure.

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