What can be interior in blue colors? In this article, we will tell you how you can create a warm, cozy, and stylish design for an apartment or house using a cold tone.

What blue is suitable for the interior? The answer to this question is any. This is one of the main base colors. And the coldest in the palette. But, oddly enough, this tone is able to bring warmth, harmony, and comfort to the house. Interiors in such colors can be sophisticated, noble, elegant, can be solemn, elegant or restrained, and neutral, and can look bold and even extravagant. The result depends on the specific shade, method, and scale of its application.

Dark shades

Eye-catching, mysterious colors of the evening and night sky in large volumes create an enveloping, intimate and cozy space. Here you want to relax and think. Therefore, they are often used to decorate the bedroom and living room.

Bright shades

Saturated and active, in large volumes they are more suitable for such areas of the house as a corridor, hallway, kitchen, bathroom, children’s playroom, or balcony. That is, where we do not spend too much time. They do not relax, but, on the contrary, give energy. But as contrasting elements, such objects, and details can be used in the living room and even in the bedroom.

“Dusty”, bleached, light shades

Such options are a good base. This is the safest and most versatile interior solution. They can be safely used in a large area. Muted, light shades are calm and neutral.