23 Long Kitchen Ideas That Will Make a Narrow Space Feel Wider

Go With Two-Toned Cabinets

When you have a long kitchen, choosing the right design elements can really make a difference. This kitchen combines a soft color palette with warm textures. The sage subway tile backsplash complement the white upper cabinets, while the bottom wood cabinets bring texture and warmth.

Choose Warm Wood Accents

A long open shelf above the countertop is the perfect place to keep common kitchen items at hand, and it frees up the wall for your favorite decorative items. The warm, wood backsplash in this kitchen is carried through to the kitchen island and countertops for a cohesive look.

Add Your Favorite Shape

Not only is it important to incorporate your favorite colors into your kitchen's design, but shapes are just as relevant when it comes to style. You'll notice half moon shapes throughout this long kitchen, from the black-and-white backsplash tiles to the drawer pulls and even artwork above the window.

Add a Combination of Storage Solutions

If you're an avid cook, you'll need more than just open shelving for storage. Add a variety of storage solutions like in this kitchen. The open shelving above the stove is great for storing (and displaying) cooking essentials, why the upper cabinets and drawers and cabinets in the kitchen island store everything else.

Use all the Wall Space

If you have a long kitchen, take advantage of the wall space you have. This grand kitchen features cabinets that go from the countertop to the ceiling for storing small appliances, while a plethora of drawers help conceal other everyday kitchen items.

Add a Kitchen Peninsula

A kitchen peninsula has the same effect as an island, but it saves space when you have a small, narrow kitchen. Even though this kitchen is small, the waterfall quartz countertop adds a high-end look.

Incorporate Different Zones

A small, narrow kitchen can fit plenty of functionality without taking up too much space. This kitchen has zones with different purposes yet it all comes together with a cohesive design. The coffee station features an open shelf with all the essentials, the kitchen island provides seating for two, and the sitting nook by the window is the perfect spot for enjoying a cup of coffee with a good book.

Create Multifunctional Areas

This long, narrow kitchen packs a lot of storage in a smaller space. The pantry at the end holds all nonperishables, while cabinets and countertop space provide plenty of space for even the most avid of cooks. The kitchen island features a wood top extension that's multipurpose as a prep space and eat-in kitchen area.

Add a Fun Accent Wall

The kitchen is a place to make memories, try new recipes, and blast music while you pour yourself a drink. The design of your kitchen should reflect how you use the space. This chalkboard accent wall adds a fun element that will catch the eye and make it a more enjoyable space.

Switch Up Cabinet Colors

Many long kitchens feature cabinets that are parallel from each other, also known as a galley kitchen. Add an unexpected look to your kitchen by choosing two different cabinets colors in the same style. This adds interest to your narrow kitchen while keeping the design cohesive.

Add Warmth Underfoot

Small touches, like adding household plants and rugs, can really make a small kitchen feel homey and welcoming. This runner between the wall and kitchen island adds style while making it more comfortable to cook a meal.

Keep It Simple

White cabinetry doesn't have to be boring. These white cabinets add a sleek, modern design to this home, while brass and bronze hardware brings interest to the kitchen.

Bring in a Variety of Textures

This kitchen wall packs plenty of texture in a small amount of space. From the glass tile backsplash to the quartz countertops and warm wood shelving, this kitchen is functional and stylish.

Combine Contrasting Colors

Mixing black and white can make a big impact even in narrow spaces. This modern NYC apartment features a variety of materials and contrasting colors that provides a big visual impact even though the space is compact.

Pay Attention to Layout

If you have large windows in your kitchen that allow plenty of natural light in, make sure your kitchen layout takes advantage of it. The sink sits right in front of the windows in this kitchen so you have a nice view and plenty of sunlight coming in at the busiest part of the kitchen.

Install Multiple Shelves

Open shelving is a great way to display your favorite dishes while storing them. The open shelves in this kitchen are spruced up with brass brackets that are carried through to the brass faucet and cabinet pulls. The black-and-white tile flooring helps anchor the glam space.

Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger

If your kitchen allows plenty of light in, go with white cabinetry to help the light bounce and help make your kitchen feel larger. To warm things up, pair the cabinets with a warm wood countertop and brass cabinet pulls.

Add a Little Color

Sage is a great kitchen color choice if you want to add some color without overwhelming a space. This kitchen proves that adding color can still make a room feel open and airy.

Create a Focal Point

When you have a long, narrow kitchen like a galley kitchen, create a focal point for visual appeal. This kitchen features black slate flooring that contrasts beautifully with the white cabinets and countertops and natural wood door.

Decorate Your Kitchen

If your kitchen is more for design than for cooking meals, use the wall to decorate with your favorite items. This kitchen displays a few aesthetic decor pieces, including a round rattan mirror that serves as a focal point.

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