Interior designers share 8 bedroom trends that will be huge next year and 5 on their way out

Biophilic design is making major headway.

Bringing the outdoors in is a growing bedroom trend, according to James Stanley, principal designer and founder of James Stanley NY. Biophilic design — natural light, greenery, water elements —has been very popular for the last couple of years, and it's set to be even trendier in 2024. "Connectivity to nature through design, especially in our bedroom, creates a peaceful calming environment where we can relax and recharge," the designer told M.

Bed skirts are making a comeback in a big way.

As 2024 trends lean toward a more traditional style, we'll be seeing a lot more bed skirts, according to David Samuel Ko, interior designer and founder of Maison Ko. "We already started seeing slipcovered sofas take over, so bed skirts are next in line," he told M. "It adds this layer to your bedroom that has been missing with normal upholstered beds."

Natural materials, such as wood, will thrive in 2024.

According to Stanley, natural materials in the bedroom will also be trending. Raw wood, woven fabrics, and rattan can all help create an earthy, warm aesthetic in the bedroom. "Surrounding yourself with natural elements will not only help the environment but add to your peace and well-being," the designer said.

Fully wallpapered bedrooms can add a lot of personality to a space.

People want to bring personality back into their bedrooms, and wallpaper is a wonderful way to do it. "I'm seeing a lot of bedrooms fully wallpapered again," Ko told M. "And I'm not talking just grasscloth, but patterns that are more ornate."

Locally crafted artwork is the way to go next year.

Forget about the mass-produced, oversaturated pieces of art we see everywhere, according to Stanley. "In 2024, we will see a movement to more local artisan, locally sourced artwork that really connects to the homeowner and their needs and sense of style," the designer told M.

Fabric headboards can instantly elevate a space.

We'll likely be seeing a lot more elongated, fabric headboards that run well over the length of the bed, according to Cherie Lee, director and interior designer, Cherie Lee Interiors "They create drama and impact, instantly elevating a bedroom space to make it feel that much more luxurious and cozy," she said.

Smart technology in the bedroom is a growing trend.

With the advancements in smart technology, it's a no-brainer that this trend will also be integrated into our bedrooms, according to Stanley. From automated window treatments to lighting and climate control, smart bedroom technology is going to be on the rise in 2024.

We'll be seeing a lot more patterned bed linens.

As far as bedding goes, Ko said, patterns are going to be a big trend next year. "Whether it's applied on a throw blanket, bed blanket, or sheets, mixing in prints with neutral-toned bedding is something we will see a lot more of," the designer told M.

On the other hand, minimalism has run its course.

From geometric patterns to abstract shapes, minimalism in the bedroom is a fading trend. "More organic, fluid patterns as well as the integration of botanical-inspired prints are what 2024 is all about," Stanley told M. These nature-inspired designs look peaceful and tranquil, and they can also add a Zen feeling to the space.

Bedrooms with all-white walls tend to lack personality.

"All-white painted bedrooms have been one of my go-to's for many years," Stanley said. "And while I still do shades of whites mixed in bedrooms, alas, the time has come to move on." In 2024, you can expect to see more color as well as deeper and richer tones that add a more personal touch.

Shutters are being replaced by cozy curtains.

Though shutters can look lovely and work well in tropical climates, they don't always block light that well, according to Lee. "Curtains give more of a cozy feel to a room and with rising energy costs, people are happy to benefit from the additional thermal insulation that curtains provide," the designer said.

The industrial bedroom trend needs to be put to bed.

Industrial yet chic elements have been all the rage for several years, but it's time to put them to rest, according to Stanley. "The exposed brick walls, with open duct work, metal finishes, and concrete floors have seen their day," he told M. Trends in 2024 are likely moving toward more earthy, natural, and soothing vibes.

Silk bed sheets are being exchanged for luxurious bed linens.

Instead of silk, people are moving toward cozy, luxurious bed linens, according to Lee. "They aren't that practical, and can initially feel quite cooling, which on winter nights isn't all that inviting," the designer told M. She added that introducing more fabrics into your bedroom can also add texture and style.

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