Interior designers share 5 bedroom trends that will be huge in 2023 and 4 that will be out of style

Natural elements are in.

Natural elements like wood furniture and plants will appear in more bedrooms.

Vintage and heirloom furnishings will rise in popularity.

Vintage and hand-crafted furniture will be popular in 2023.

Sconces and pendant lighting are on the rise.

People are moving away from bedside-table lamps.

Curved, wavy decor will continue to gain momentum.

Straight lines can feel stiff but waves can add a soft, tranquil tone to a bedroom.

Color drenching will continue to be popular.

Color drenching can involve matching a tone through a wall, trim, pillows, and other furnishings.

On the other hand, all-white bedding is out.

All-white bedding is being replaced by colorful sheets.

Cottagecore may be leaving the bedroom for good.

Cottagecore-inspired decor is losing its grasp.

Bare floors aren't in style anymore.

Bare floors in the bedroom is falling out of style.

Sleek and smooth-styled bedrooms are done for now.

Sleek and smooth-style looks can look too cold.

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