Interior Designers Reveal The Most Common Design Mistakes

Choosing the Wrong Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important parts of a space. You want to avoid it being either too bright or too dim. "Your room or home can look perfect, but the moment you add harsh lighting, it can be ruined almost instantaneously," says Gina Daniel, interior designer and blogger.

Pushing All the Furniture Up Against the Walls

Your instinct may be to add couches and dressers to a room, and automatically push everything against the wall. Sometimes that works, especially if a room is very small. But it's also a very common design mistake most people don't even realize they're making.

Adding Too Much Stuff

Adding too many decor accessories (both large and small) can easily make a room look cluttered and messy, which probably isn't what you're going for. "It weighs the eye down to have to 'keep stopping' to take in a room which is overpopulated," says Sam Jernigan, interior designer.

Being Afraid of Color

Sure, there's something to be said for a gorgeous, minimalist, all-white room. But pops of color (even in a mostly neutral room) always brighten things up and make a space look better. Many people just feel too intimidated to try it.

Matching Things Too Perfectly

While you don't want to throw random objects and furniture pieces in a room and call it a also don't want to get so focused on matching things and creating symmetry that you end up making the room look too matchy-matchy.

Not Measuring the Space Before Adding Furniture

Almost every interior designer agrees that a lot of people aren't considering the proportions and size of a room before adding various furniture pieces. Taking measurements of a room is imperative before buying anything.

Hanging the Drapes Too Low

Most people fall into the trap of hanging their drapes too low...a mistake that can easily the change the entire potential look of a window and/or wall. "I think for a lot of people, it makes sense to hang a drapery rod just above the top of the window," says Cutler.

Hanging Art Too High

Almost all interior designers noted that most people out there hang their artwork or picture frames way too high, an issue you won't really notice until you fix it. "The rule of thumb should be that your eye height is about aligned with the top third of the piece you are hanging," says Cutler.

Adding Area Rugs That Are Too Small

An area rug that is too small is going to throw the design of an entire room off, and it can also make the room appear smaller than it is. "A larger rug will anchor the space and offer unity for all the pieces within the space," says Jennifer B. Meyer, Allied ASID, of Art Advisory & Interiors.

Relying Exclusively on Overhead Lighting

Using only overhead lighting can make a room feel cold and clinical. Adding ambient lighting is going to give a much cozier and personal feel to a space. "To really create ambiance, comfort and appeal, lighting should be layered in a room," says Madhav.

Choosing the Paint Color Before Anything Else

Most interior designers agree that the paint color should not be the first thing you pick and settle on. Before you choose the color you want on your walls, get an idea of the color furniture and accent pieces you want.

Not Adding Personal Touches

You want your home to look beautiful and well-designed, but you also want it to look like, well, your home. Only purchasing the furniture and decor pieces you see in the store may leave your home looking a little cold, like something is missing. Adding personal touches is the way to make a space stand out.

Not Testing Out Paint Colors First

There's no beating around the bush here: picking the wrong paint color is a pretty big mistake. It's also one that often happens because people choose a color in a store without testing it out in the room first. "I never choose a color out from the paint wheel and paint on wall without testing the color on the wall first. I put it in different spot, look at it in different times a day," says Weinstein.

Opting For Design Over Function

Having a home that looks like it belongs in an interior design magazine is great... living in that home may be a whole different story. "The most common design mistake people make is forgetting to be honest with themselves about how they live and function in a space," says Sarah Latham, owner and founder of Latham Interiors in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Ignoring the Little Details

A big part of making a functional room look great is to add lots of little details that pull the space and design together. "With so much attention placed on getting the perfect aesthetic, furniture and lighting, it's easy for the average homeowner to start running out of steam when it comes to the small touches. These small touches are the benchmark of what separates an average final design from an extraordinary one," says Chip Wade, HGTV host and interior designer.

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