After several months of this year, it is already possible to assess which of the interior trends have taken root and will develop in the future. We talk about the most sensational and common.

Fashion styles

Fashionable styles in the interior of 2024 are flexible, able to adapt to modern life, making it easier. Another style trend is environmental friendliness, which is embodied in the choice of high-quality, durable materials that are safe for health and the environment.


The traditional palace decoration in an apartment or a country house is already a history of bygone days. The fashionable interior in 2024 is neoclassical. This is a new reading of the classics, simplified, but not without sophistication. Neoclassical interior - ordered, symmetrical. The decoration is decorative, preserving the spirit of luxury and aristocracy. Design trends in 2024 in a neoclassical apartment or house are the predominance of warm light colors and the absence of unnecessary details  .


The fashionable interior in an apartment or house is often designed in a modern style . It combines the features of several directions that do not contradict each other in terms of basic characteristics. Priority determines functionality and comfort. The color scheme is natural.

Trendy colors and patterns

Current trends in 2024 are neutral tones: black, white, gray, beige. From this series, black began to be used more actively. Gothic notes are traced: arched mirrors, luxurious chandeliers, art objects as interior decor, curtains made of textured textiles. If excessive drama is not to your liking, Gothic can be introduced selectively, for example, in practical decor: vases, candlesticks, dishes.


Trendy colors in the interior of 2024 include some prints. So, stripes are increasingly found in the design of textiles, wallpaper, wall painting. Applied on a contrasting background, they attract attention and become a bold interior accent. If you need to unobtrusively add expressiveness to the design, a striped print in shades of the same color is more appropriate. Another lightweight option: a surface on which different textures are located in stripes. For example, matte and glossy paint on the walls.


The return of gold fits into fashion trends in colors. Soft shimmer makes the design nobler and more comfortable. Gold is found not only in metallized textures, for example, on furniture legs and fittings, appliances and appliances, but also in decor. Delicate lurex appears in wallpaper, upholstery and curtains. Splashes of luxurious gold decoration - and on dishes, cutlery.


The most fashionable colors right now are subtle and complex shades of blue: those that can be seen on the sea coast. In designer interiors, there are also bright ultramarine, cobalt, wedgwood. But for living space, we recommend choosing warmer shades of blue, close to green. Lake blue, deep sea color, dark turquoise, deep Atlantic fit into trends and color trends. Even on a large surface, such as sofa upholstery, discreet shades will not be annoyingly tiring.


What color in the interior is fashionable in 2024? A touch of paprika is a more spicy version of the usual terracotta, making the atmosphere warmer and more comfortable. It blends harmoniously with shades of brown and honey with a red undertone, which are also trendy. Such a bold interior will be appreciated by fans of extravagant solutions.

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