Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana has been setting the style agenda for years. Cherry prints, gothic lace, and now blue and white good time vibes.


Where home decor trends are concerned, cool cocooning has been gaining pace for a while growing rapidly for 2023. Squishy sofa trends, curvy shapes and snuggly fabrics are hot right now.


Injecting a bright burst of colour that contrasts with traditional brickwork, glazed external tiles provide an eye-catching cladding solution for modern home extension ideas. This stylish finish comes with many practical benefits, too; it’s durable, requires little upkeep and offers an impressive service life of 150 plus years.


Kinked and curved, look out for the modern interpretation of the humblest of materials as a niche but appealing interior design trend for 2023. It’s a new wave. It’s time to banish straight-edged wooden furniture options in favour of the more fluid curvalicious form.


With its inherent warmth, red clay makes for a surprising twist on the more commonly seen white ceramics. Often red or ‘brown’ ceramics are associated with more coarse pottery, but there’s a finesse to this new wave of earthy vases and pieces, and an altogether contemporary stylistic edge, which make them avant-garde.


Let’s be honest, there never was much of an allure attached to the shelf tagged ‘USB lamp’ at the gadget store. Luckily tastes and technology has moved on from the sometimes gimmicky, most often uninspiring rechargeable lighting solutions into an exciting realm of stylish must-have new portable lamp designs by our favourite brands on the market, reinvigorating lighting trends for 2023.


Forget those 1970s connotations of orange cork tiles, cork flooring is back, and better than ever. Because of its eco credentials and the ease of sourcing it sustainably, it's actually one of the key flooring trends for 2023, available in a variety of hues. 'Cork always adds a note of warmth to a scheme,' says the interior designer Staffan Tollgard.


Bathroom trends at the moment are very much about injecting personality while keeping to a monastic sense of spa-like serenity, which is where concrete comes in. The vivid hues it now comes in, coupled with the texture and depth it provides, makes it the perfect material for this space.


When we designed the Arch tile collection for Bert and May, we sensed that arches were just around the corner, so to speak. And it seems we were right. Arched doors have become big news in architecture trends for extensions and renovations, and the gentle curves are softening the hardened edges that have proliferated for so long.


Meaning literally ‘deceive the eye’, trompe l’oeil is an artistic device or conceit that has been in the artistic landscape for centuries - part demonstration of an artist’s skill, part delight for the viewer.


There’s a magical new material trend on the horizon and it’s awash with galaxy inspired finishes. Dark blue, veined with white and pale blue streaks is popping up everywhere, from this vanity unit, above, to luxury table tops.


Echoing the reassuring color of the sea, aqua is set to be one of the hottest shades of the season. 'One of my favorite colors is blue in all his shades,' says Dirk Jan Kinet, a Flemish interior designer living in Mexico.


Designers are demonstrating how a more relaxed style of seating designs can combine comfort factor and everyday practicality, but with high-level refinement and ultimate style-desirability. It’s the Italian makers who are leading the way with this look. Bontempi Casa, Edra and Arflex all embracing curves as the newest chair and sofa trend.


Irregular rugs are striking designs that undoubtedly have all been created to own the floor. Not only do these living room rugs have an eye-catching print,  they’re also all shaping a new outline in design, quite literally, as they all sport an unconventional shape.


Wickerwork is particularly useful when it comes to outdoor furniture. It has the home spun porch decor vibe we're all craving now, yet in a more elevated way. The Bohemian 72 Collection, was first designed - as the name infers - in 1972 by renowned Italian designer Gabriella Crespi. Her original designs have become synonymous with celebrity and now - if you can even find a piece - command seriously juicy prices (Google at your peril).


As we all want to spend more and more time in our backyard, it's no wonder the trend for luxe lighting has come outside with us. “Outdoor lighting prevents our outside spaces seeming like dark black holes when viewed from inside the house,” says garden designer Kate Gould.


Ever since Gwyneth Paltrow debuted her home spa to the world earlier this year designers have been thinking of new ways to fold this feeling into decor. The materials, the textures, the steam rooms...and now, the return of the outdoor shower, for an invigorating blast first thing.

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