Interior design trends 2023: Top 7 trends influencing our homes

In 2023, we're having a bit of fun with design. Interior trends are embracing a bit of whimsy in the form of playful dopamine dressing, we're looking towards the seventies for our references and a refreshed colour palette, and warmth, comfort and relaxation will be at the forefront of our design decisions.

While life has resumed in some shape or form post-pandemic, we will be perpetually discussing its influence on our homes and lifestyles, and 2023 is no different. A desire to cocoon ourselves in our homes is the driver in most of 2023's biggest interior trends, whether that is in the creation of a self-care 'spathroom,' immersing ourselves in joyful colour, or introducing sink-in soft materials like bouclé for a more literal cocooning effect.


1. Dopamine dressing

'Dopamine décor can be interpreted as using colour, pattern and tactile furnishings in your home as a way to make you feel happier,' says Suzy Chiazzari, Colour and Design Consultant. 'You might start off small – by introducing a print here and a coloured piece of furniture there, or you might fully commit to vivid colours, such as zesty yellows, punchy pinks, and brilliant blues to dress homes and evoke feelings of happiness.'

2. The 70s return

Influenced by the never-ending popularity of mid-century modern, as well as the long-overdue migration of vintage and antique stores online, interior design is looking back to the seventies.

3. Comfortcore

'Cocooning furniture and finishes, rounded forms, tantalising textures and whisper-soft tones' were identified by Wayfair as defining aspects of 'comfortcore,' a design trend that offers reassurance and respite.

4. Painted borders

Painted borders is an inexpensive way to play with a room's structure and perspective, and adds opportunity for interesting colour combinations. It covers a wide range of painted techniques like colour blocking and stencilling, and can highlight interesting alcoves, high ceilings, cornicing or even disguise unsightly features like radiators.

5. Sunset hues

Many of the most popular colours forecast for 2023 are reminiscent of therapeutic and nourishing sunset hues – Benjamin Moore has selected a rosy Raspberry Blush, a fresh Digital Lavender came from WGSN, whilst Dulux's Wild Wonder introduces undertones of yellow and gold that add considerable warmth.

6. Heritage

Heritage is a trend that very much began in our kitchens – we've seen traditional design details like farmhouse sinks, pantries, sweet ruffled curtains, and classic shaker cabinetry come to the fore.

7. Spathrooms

The spathroom – a spa-inspired bathroom – was a bit of an interior design inevitability, influenced by the increasing popularity of small self-care spaces within the home.

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