Interior Design Trends 2023: The Top 10 Decorative Moments to Embrace This Year

1. Arches and Alcoves

We’ve seen a tonne of arched wardrobes, storage units, headboards and mirrors dominate the design world the last few years. In 2023 they’re going to find their way into other pieces too.

2. Embracing Individuality

Remember a time when everyone copied everyone else on Instagram and every home ended up looking the same? It was actually not very long ago! It’s still happening now.

3. Vintage Against Contemporary

Part of the ‘individuality’ trend expressed above, which is going to be huge in 2023 and beyond, is the yearning to bring more vintage vibes into our homes.

4. Music and Craft Rooms

Remember being locked down during the pandemic? If you weren’t baking bread you were either building your music collection and discovering new artists, or getting into crafting.

5. Closed-Off Spaces

Yep, you heard it here first: the open-plan home movement is coming to an end. After being on top of each other during Covid lockdowns, we’re now yearning for quiet spaces to escape to and enjoy ourselves in.

6. Curved Furniture

As mentioned in the ‘closed-off spaces’ trend above, we’re yearning to escape the family we’ve been on top of throughout lockdown. But that wanting to cocoon does not extend to friends.

7. The Modern Mudroom

One of the big interior design trends for 2023 that our clients are already asking for is the modern mudroom. It’s not what the mudroom used to be either, in that it’s not a fully dedicated room in the home that takes up a large footprint.

8. Designer Dining Rooms

Another 2023 interior design trend born as a result of the pandemic is the designer dining room. It’s no longer enough to have just a table and chairs in this space. The zone is now becoming a full experience.

9. Windows Over Walls

Who needs art when you can turn a blank wall into a window instead? Granted, this is a design trend not everyone can create, but it’s an interesting response to us being trapped inside for so long the last few years.

10. Modern Country Continues

Remember last year when I showed you how to rock the modern country interiors trend? Well, that whole approach is going to continue into 2023 as we yearn to make our homes more earthy and eclectic.

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