Interior design ideas for a small kitchen

Features of the layout of a small kitchen

The practical application of the available space depends on the location of the points of greatest activity, the so-called "working triangle". It is created by a refrigerator, sink and stove/oven. For their compact, but at the same time functional arrangement, it is necessary to build on the zoning of windows and doorways, communication systems and the scale of the walls.

How to arrange and decorate the design of a small kitchen 2023

The design of a small kitchen still has enough potential to implement bold design ideas. Starting from the formed styles, it is important to remember that they impose certain requirements on the materials used, colors and general geometry.

High tech

Its distinguishing feature is modernity in every detail, mirror and smooth surfaces are welcome. Household appliances should be black, which should contrast with the overall gray and white color scheme. A kitchen island with bar stools will ideally fit into such a room.


To distinguish between zones, a great idea is to place a bar or dining table. And the eclectic design will be complemented by deliberately rough wall decoration, open communications, minimalism and simplicity of furniture, as well as mosaic floor surface finish.


Characteristic features - lightness and airiness. Pastel shades in the design and floral ornaments as decoration will help to achieve the desired effect. And vintage furniture will only enhance the feeling of home comfort.

Popular colors

Without exaggeration, the dining area is one of the most important rooms in the house. As a result, the selection of colors should be given no less attention than if it were a living room. And even if the quadrature is quite tiny, this does not limit the available range of design techniques.


The warmer and softer the selected shade of beige will be, the more comfortable the atmosphere will be created. No wonder the beige color in the design environment is considered the most convenient design option for any room in principle. Especially effectively its warmth will be emphasized by a combination with white and brown shades.


A timeless classic, visually reminiscent of stone or steel. Due to the popularity of gray in the design of kitchens, a huge amount of household appliances and furniture is produced annually. Moreover, by making gray the forming color in the design of the room, it can be advantageously supplemented with bright elements.


If the main thing for you is cleanliness and accuracy, a similar effect can easily be created by decorating in white tones. Of course, you should not make absolutely every surface snow-white. It is better to complement the kitchen set with inserts in black and gray tones. The textural elements of brick or wood will fit perfectly into the composition with predominant white.

Features of the choice of finishing material

The arrangement of the kitchen in the apartment involves long-term operation. In other words, all surfaces must be resistant to wear, which will ensure the comfort of use for many years. As a result, special attention should be paid to the choice of finishing materials:

We recommend making the floor self-leveling, although it is worth considering options with porcelain stoneware or tiles. The choice of materials is determined by such characteristics as: ease of cleaning, non-slip and resistance to moisture, which is indispensable in this room.

Plastic panels, wallpapers that are easy to clean are suitable for walls. Options with decorative plaster or wood panels are also suitable, but they should be covered with moisture-resistant paint. Areas above the countertop stove and sink should be given attention. Recently, it is customary to decorate them with artificial stone or ceramic tiles. A fail-safe option for almost any design.

Cover the ceiling area with a special film, use fiberglass or just paint it. A white ceiling will help visually increase the size of the room. But do not be zealous with the installation of suspended structures - on the contrary, they pull the entire volume out of the room.

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