Interior design bedroom 2023: Fashion trends and interior styles

Decorating a bedroom in strict accordance with a certain style is no longer in fashion. When creating a design, follow the colors and shapes, choose creative ideas, and follow the fashion trends of the year.

Conservatism and symmetry Correct geometric lines, a minimum of decor, and muted tones with catchy and often paired details organize the space and create a sense of balance and peace. It is with these features that the design of the bedroom in a classic style is endowed.

When choosing a classic we advise to take into account the fashion trends of 2023: colors in pastel shades with bright accents of red, pink, and mint colors; natural materials for wall and floor decoration; comfortable and practical furnishings.

Practicality and space What bedroom design is relevant in 2023? This year, high-tech bedroom design is in trend. The design in this style is suitable for people who seek to expand the space and are ready to abandon unnecessary elements in the bedroom interior.

High-tech style features: varnished and chrome-plated surfaces; the minimum number of decorative elements; artificial finishing materials; white and gray colors, as an accent – black and red color scheme.

Environmental friendliness To decorate the bedroom in eco-style, natural materials are used. What is the best color for a bedroom? The mint shade is considered trendy this season. It is connected with nature, which is suitable for eco-style. House Beautiful magazine also highlights beige and red-orange shades, which are combined with natural colors.

Urbanism and no borders Urbanization is a trend in the development of modern civilization. Therefore, the fashion for industrialism, functionality, pragmatism and a sense of large space has become part of the design of residential premises. The loft style allows you to create a room without partitions and as functional as possible.

Elegance and bright accents The neutral background of the room will allow you to decorate it with bright accents. Such features are inherent in the Scandinavian style. You can design a bedroom in this style according to this principle:

- the color scheme in muted neutral shades in combination with white makes the room spacious and comfortable; - accent objects (ceramics, carpets, pillows, and works of art) in bright colors fill the space with life and character; - windows are opened to light using light curtains or blinds; for lighting use lamps with simple matte shades, decorative candles; - natural wood boards are laid on the floor, covering them with a light varnish.

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