Home Decor Trends 2024: 10 Ideas to Try next year

Trend 1. Luxurious life

Luxurious living and lofty thinking is what it's all about in 2024, and you'll see that idea reflected in every trend on this list. A beautiful life doesn't have to be luxurious or expensive - it's more of a sophistication and a sublime approach to how we decorate and live in our homes. This includes creating spaces that feel luxurious, sophisticated and timeless - however you like it.

Trend 2. The return of color

After the past few years of continuous use of neutrals, 2024 will see the return of color to home décor, paint, and bedding. Along with the other trends in this post, 2024 will be dominated by a luxe palette of rich gemstone hues, soothing greens, timeless blues and warm earth tones.

Trend 3. Finishing with natural stone

Natural stone finishes make a big difference, especially materials that incorporate unexpected tones and patterns, and this trend will continue in 2024. Some of the most popular stone elements include travertine, marble, exotic granite slabs, soapstone, limestone and other natural materials.

Trend 4. Home retreats

Connecting with the sophisticated living trend, more than ever people are turning their homes into sanctuaries with things like luxurious sofas, plush pillows, luxurious bedding, yoga or meditation spaces, spa bathrooms, rock gardens, etc. Quiet places to work are becoming a must.

Trend 5. Closed layouts

The growing popularity of working and learning from home means that open floor plans are losing their appeal, and in home design 2024 we will continue to see enclosed spaces with separate spaces for working, taking Zoom calls and doing homework. desirable.

Trend 6: Fun metallic finishes

Mixing metals is a great way to give your kitchen and bathroom an interesting and modern look. In 2024, designers and homeowners are expected to use a combination of different metal finishes for fixtures and fixtures.

Trend 7. Spectacular lighting

In 2024, interior designers and homeowners will replace traditional pendant lights with large fixtures and lighting in interesting shapes.

Trend 8. Natural materials

This look includes organic materials such as wool, cotton, silk, rattan and clay in earthy and warm neutral tones.

Trend 9: black accents

No matter what style you prefer, any space in your home will always benefit from a touch of black.

Trend 10: Influences from the 60s and 70s

Since my focus is on sharing decorating styles that will last, I have hardly included this interior design trend because I think the current popularity of 60s and 70s influences (borrowed from current fashion trends) will somewhat short.

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