IKEA's iconic paper lampshade has been given an elegant upgrade – and we need it

IKEA’s REGOLIT paper pendant lampshade has become an instantly recognisable icon over the years. It’s an easy way to soften your ceiling light and make a space feel cosy. And a cheap one at that, selling for a humble 4$ a piece. The classic IKEA paper lamp shade, whether it is in a pendant or a standing form, is the staple of every Scandi decorating idea and most Scandinavian living room ideas.

But while the paper lamp shade has earned its place in the design stakes, its paper material is not the most conducive to a long-lasting investment piece. Not to mention the connotations it carries of cheap and cheerful first rental homes.

Many of us love the shape but have craved something a little more elevated. And that’s why IKEA REGNSKUR pendant lamp shade launched earlier this year.

Made with fabric instead of paper, covering a steel frame, the design does an even better job at diffusing the light and creating an atmospheric setting. The shape resembles a hot air balloon and makes for the perfect bedroom or living room lighting idea. And the fabric cover can even be washed in a washing machine for easy upkeep.

IKEA REGNSKUR pendant lamp shade

Sold for 35$ a pop, the price tag is higher compared to the original REGOLIT, but we think that the luxe finish of this new living room lighting idea makes it worth it. And compared to other lamp shades on the market, this is still a budget choice.

One thing to consider and keep in mind though is that the price does not include the cord set, which is sold separately for 10$. Just be careful not to accidentally bag the ceiling light that shares the pendant lampshade’s exact name.

35$ at IKEA IKEA's REGNSKUR pendant lamp shade is a more luxurious version of the classic paper lamp shades we've been loving for the past couple of decades. But perhaps it's time to switch to something a little more elevated and this fabric-covered variation gives us the opportunity to do just that.

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